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Angel Food Cake Shot Glass Dessert

I've been seeing edible shot glasses all over the internet lately and I think they are awesome. I decided that for Valentine's Day, I'd try making an angel food cake shot glass dessert. I was going to make edible angel food cake shot glasses and fill it with whip cream and raspberries. Doesn't that sound fun? Well, my idea didn't go as planned! First I went to my local store and picked up some shot glass molds. I got home and quickly discovered that you can't use these molds for baking. I went back to the store and found out that you can only get the baking shot glass molds online (at least with that store). To Amazon I went to order my molds using Prime 2-day free shipping. Then I waited... I was so excited when the shot glass molds came in the mail! I hopped online to see if there were any tricks to help with making my angel food cake shot glass dessert, but found nothing related to angel food cake. That should have been my first clue. Oh well, I'd press on through … [Read more...]

Floating Ball Activity

I saw this floating ball activity on Pinterest a few months ago and thought my girls might think it was fun. The instructions on how to make/do this activity can be found on All For The Boys. For our circle we traced a CD and for our ball we used tin foil. To be honest, my girls were not as impressed with the floating ball activity as I thought they would be. Playing with it lasted all of maybe 10 minutes before they got bored with it and gave up. I'm not sure if they just plain ole didn't like it or if they thought it was too hard. I gave it a try and it is DEFINITELY harder than it looks! Unless you have a strong yet steady breath, the ball ends up either falling out of the cone more often than staying in or it just moved around inside the cone instead of hovering over it. I'm guessing that's really the whole point of the floating ball activity but my girls thought it was "lame". Maybe had it been  bit easier we would have gotten more positive feedback. Oh … [Read more...]

Plastic Egg Spin Art

I saw plastic egg spin art (or Easter egg spin art) on Pinterest and thought it would be fun for the girls and I to try. So... We got out our paints, plastic eggs, paper, a cookie sheet (to contain the eggs when they spin), and a paper plate to put the paint on... We dipped our eggs in the paint and attempted to spin them... As you'll see in the video below, our art did not turn out quite like the Pinterest photo shows. The final project looked more like marble painting then plastic egg painting. … [Read more...]

Painting Snowflakes with Pine Needles

A few months ago I pinned a painting snowflakes with pine needles craft. I thought it would be a fun craft for my girls to do. I would link to the original post for the pin but spoonful.com is redirected to family.disney.com/crafts and I can't find the post anywhere on that site. Instead, I'm showing you a screen shot of the pin. Don't those painted pine needle snowflakes look cool? Yeah, I thought so too. But, as you can see from my featured photo at the beginning of the post, ours didn't turn out quite so well. Tottie and I went out to our back yard and clipped a few small branches from our pine trees. We clipped from two different types of trees. I then cut off the tips so that the pine needles could lay flat when pressed onto the paper. Next the girls dipped the pine needles into white paint... ...and pressed them onto the paper. Yeah...ours look NOTHING like the perfect snowflakes in the Pinterest photo. Oh well. Tottie thought it was cool … [Read more...]

Color By Number Valentines

Last year, as I was looking for Valentine inspiration on Pinterest, I came across these color by number valentines. I thought they were cool and was pretty sure I could make my own version. After all, I'm pretty ok at making graphics... So...I sat down with my graphic photo editing software and began to design...and then erase, design again...and erase. Why couldn't I get mine to look as awesome as her's?? I mean, look at her's above, now look at my two attempts below... Um, yeah, can we say fail?? The first one has just too much going on and the spaces are too small. In trying to hide the word love, I made a mess out of it. My second one wasn't looking too bad, but I could not come up with a way to hide the hearts. It was going to end up looking like a big ole mess just like the first one. Plus, this was taking way to long to do! So...I give up. I admit my failure. Please go visit RustandSunshine.com to print her version of these awesome color by number … [Read more...]

How To Make A Rain Instrument–Pinned it, Did it!

I originally pinned this rain instrument for a Pinned it, Did it post however, the pin does not link to the original source, it links to another Pinterest type site.  This website appears to be a copy-cat type and when I click on the pin I pinned, it leads to a broken link.  I refuse to give credit to a copy-cat type site that leads to broken links.  I learned my lesson to try to pin from the original site vs just re-pinning random pins.  Now onto how to make a rain instrument... Ok, this is super simple... 1)  Get a bottle 2)  Put in a bunch of tooth picks 3)  Put in some rice 4)  Close the bottle and shake That's it!!  It really DOES sound like rain! To be completely honest, my girls were thrilled with this for about 5 minutes and then it got old.  My neighbor's 2 year old son, however, loved it! Side note: Did you know that we are now on Vine?? (link only works if you have Vine installed on your phone)  Yup, that's right, we'll be sharing short videos of … [Read more...]