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About Jamie


I am the proud mommy of three kiddos- two of which were born to me, the other is my hubby….because let’s be honest, sometimes hubby’s take as much work as kids do!  My girls, Kiki and TJ (real life nicknames), were born in 2006 and 2008 respectively.  My family and I, which also includes a Champion French Bulldog and a rescued Boxer, live in a southern suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.

I started blogging personally in 2005 to keep my family updated on my difficult pregnancy and I have kept a few private blogs since then.  Prior to starting Toys In The Dryer, I ran a successful and educational blog called Mommy’s Camera.  That blog remains up on the web but is no longer updated.  After all, I would rather spend more time with my family than in front of a computer!

In addition to blogging and being a social media addict, I work full-time as a pediatric cardiac intensive care nurse. I am a true extrovert and lover of wine, frogs, and the colors pink and yellow. I can be a bit flighty at times and am one of those disorganized-organized people (which drives my husband crazy). I’m a tom-boy at heart but don’t mind getting girly every now and then.