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Edible Brownie Shot Glass Dessert

In my last post I wrote about my failure trying to make an angel food cake shot glass dessert. I really should have used my new shot glass molds to make cookie shot glasses as the directions say to do. But, cookies have already been done. I wanted to do something different. This past week I tried to make and edible brownie shot glass dessert. It worked!! You too can make this impressive treat. To make an edible brownie shot glass dessert you'll need: brownie mix cooking spray plastic knife raspberries whipped cream a Wilton Sweet Shooters shot glass pan (affiliate link) I used Duncan Hines Milk Chocolate brownie mix. This tutorial is based off of that mix. If you use a different mix, you may need to adjust things and your results may be different. Start by mixing the brownie mix and pre-heating the oven according to the directions on the box. Next grease the insides of the shot glass molds and the outsides of the mold inserts. Fill each mold … [Read more...]

Angel Food Cake Shot Glass Dessert

I've been seeing edible shot glasses all over the internet lately and I think they are awesome. I decided that for Valentine's Day, I'd try making an angel food cake shot glass dessert. I was going to make edible angel food cake shot glasses and fill it with whip cream and raspberries. Doesn't that sound fun? Well, my idea didn't go as planned! First I went to my local store and picked up some shot glass molds. I got home and quickly discovered that you can't use these molds for baking. I went back to the store and found out that you can only get the baking shot glass molds online (at least with that store). To Amazon I went to order my molds using Prime 2-day free shipping. Then I waited... I was so excited when the shot glass molds came in the mail! I hopped online to see if there were any tricks to help with making my angel food cake shot glass dessert, but found nothing related to angel food cake. That should have been my first clue. Oh well, I'd press on through … [Read more...]

Incredibly Easy Vegetable Beef Soup

I love fall. Besides the beautiful colors, crisp air, and spicy smells, fall is also the beginning of comfort food time. This incredibly easy vegetable beef soup is one of my go-to comfort foods because I almost always have all the ingredients on hand and it's quick to make. My girls are super picky eaters but this is one meal they gobble right up (and usually ask for seconds!) I don't think they even realize how many vegetables they are eating. Bonus! My husband loves it because it's hearty despite being a soup. Exchange the rice for small cubed potatoes and it's even heartier. To make this easy vegetable beef soup you'll need: 1 lb hamburger or ground turkey cooked and crumbled 1 package of frozen mixed vegetables 1-2 cups cooked rice 32 oz beef broth Dried basil, parsley, and oregano to taste Salt and pepper to taste Mix all the ingredients in a large soup pot and cook until vegetables are thawed and soup is warm. My family likes to eat this … [Read more...]

Easy Salted Caramel Bites

Looking for a quick, easy addition to your holiday cookie tray? Check out these salted caramel bites. The hardest part is removing wrappers! To make these you'll need: Caramels Meltable chocolate (such as milk chocolate chips) Sea salt tooth picks microwavable bowl plastic wrap plate or platter 1) Start by unwrapping all of the caramels then set them aside. This takes the longest time and is the hardest part of the entire recipe. 2) Melt the chocolate in the microwave making sure not to burn it. For best results, microwave for short intervals and stir in between. We used fancier, more expensive, brand name chocolate chips to make our salted caramel bites taste better. 3) Lightly push a toothpick into a caramel and use it to dip the caramel into the melted chocolate. Cover the caramel completely. Hint: Do not push the toothpick too deeply into the caramel or you won't be able to get it out. 4) Use another toothpick to help remove the first … [Read more...]

Taco Rolls

What's for dinner? It's the question I dread every single day. Some weeks I meal plan, other weeks I plan dinner an hour before I need to put it on the table. This week is one of those weeks that I plan last minute. I came up with these taco rolls as I was staring at the contents of my refrigerator. I thought I was being cleaver with this recipe but it turns out taco rolls are not a new idea. As I was typing in keywords for this post, taco rolls popped up so I decided to Google them. Sure enough, someone came up with the idea before me. Oh well, I'm still going to give you my recipe because I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who didn't know about them. Plus, they are SUPER easy to make and my family LOVED them. You'll need: 2 tubes of crescent rolls ground hamburger or ground turkey taco seasoning cheddar cheese any taco toppings you want 1) Brown the hamburger or turkey, drain the fat, and add the taco seasoning according to the directions on the … [Read more...]

Leprechaun Ice Cream Sandwiches

For past St. Patrick's Days we've made Magic Leprechaun Pudding Pie and our version of Shamrock Shakes. Today we're making Leprechaun Ice Cream Sandwiches! These tasty treats are sure to make a great addition to any St. Patrick's Day celebration! To make these yourself you'll need: Vanilla ice cream (I used vanilla bean) Milk Mint extract (make sure it's mint and not peppermint) Green food coloring Graham crackers Chocolate A blender A freezable, flat dish Round or square cookie cutter (just smaller than 1/2 a graham cracker size) 1) Blend the ice cream, mint extract, green food coloring and milk in the blender. I admit, I don't measure when I do these things. It's really just per personal taste. Only use enough milk, however, to get the ice cream to blend. You do NOT want the mixture to be soupy, it needs to be just thin enough to pour or slightly thicker than milkshake consistency. 2) Once blended, pour the mixture in a freezable flat pan. I … [Read more...]