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Fall Leaf Bowl

I love fall. I love the smell, I love the colors, I love the temperature. It's my second favorite season next to summer. I'm always looking for new things to do with fall leaves so when I came across a fall leaf bowl on Pinterest, I knew the girls and I had to try to make one. There are many different versions of fall leaf bowls on Pinterest. Most use fake leaves but I wanted to see what would happen if we used real leaves. TJ and I gathered a bunch of fresh fallen leaves from the yard. The leaves must be fresh fallen so they can bend. Then we gathered the rest of the supplies: Modge Podge Sponge brush Plastic wrap A bowl We first tried to Modge Podge the leaves around a balloon like some people suggested. However, the balloon was too round and the leaves had a hard time molding to the form and staying on it. So we got out one of my mixing bowls and covered it with plastic wrap so that the leaves didn't permanently stick to it. The bowl worked much … [Read more...]

Floating Ball Activity

I saw this floating ball activity on Pinterest a few months ago and thought my girls might think it was fun. The instructions on how to make/do this activity can be found on All For The Boys. For our circle we traced a CD and for our ball we used tin foil. To be honest, my girls were not as impressed with the floating ball activity as I thought they would be. Playing with it lasted all of maybe 10 minutes before they got bored with it and gave up. I'm not sure if they just plain ole didn't like it or if they thought it was too hard. I gave it a try and it is DEFINITELY harder than it looks! Unless you have a strong yet steady breath, the ball ends up either falling out of the cone more often than staying in or it just moved around inside the cone instead of hovering over it. I'm guessing that's really the whole point of the floating ball activity but my girls thought it was "lame". Maybe had it been  bit easier we would have gotten more positive feedback. Oh … [Read more...]

10 Pinterest Ideas I Don’t Have Time For

I love Pinterest. As almost everyone knows, it's a place FULL of ideas. Some are things we can actually do, others I look at and go, "who has time for that?!". Today I'm bringing you 1o Pinterest ideas I don't have time for. I mean really, who does this stuff? Ok, I DO know someone who does these type of things...Lindsi, my former co-author turned occasional contributor here. You'll see as I go ahead... I, however, and contrary to how I may look on this blog, am just not that patient or creative. The Cardboard Tube Log Cabin It's an awesome idea, don't get me wrong, but really? First, how long did it take to save up all those cardboard tubes? Second, how frustrating was it to make them stack up like that? Third, how much tape did they use in making this cabin? I'll pass. The Cardboard Village Speaking of cardboard houses, Lifehack has an entire cardboard village! Is this even functional to play with, or is making it the entire idea? My girls would get bored and/or … [Read more...]

Color By Number Valentines

Last year, as I was looking for Valentine inspiration on Pinterest, I came across these color by number valentines. I thought they were cool and was pretty sure I could make my own version. After all, I'm pretty ok at making graphics... So...I sat down with my graphic photo editing software and began to design...and then erase, design again...and erase. Why couldn't I get mine to look as awesome as her's?? I mean, look at her's above, now look at my two attempts below... Um, yeah, can we say fail?? The first one has just too much going on and the spaces are too small. In trying to hide the word love, I made a mess out of it. My second one wasn't looking too bad, but I could not come up with a way to hide the hearts. It was going to end up looking like a big ole mess just like the first one. Plus, this was taking way to long to do! So...I give up. I admit my failure. Please go visit RustandSunshine.com to print her version of these awesome color by number … [Read more...]

Pet Jellyfish in a Jar

Nutty and I had a half hour to ourselves the other day and she wanted to do something neat. Unfortunately a half hour is not a lot of time so I got on Pinterest to see if there was something quick we could try. I came across a jellyfish in a bottle. The site that the pin linked to only had photos that appeared to be from another blog so I will link to the pin and not the site. We gathered our supplies of: a clear plastic bag (we used a vegetable bag from the grocery store) scissors a jar blue food coloring floss to use as a tie (any string will work) We then cut the bag to make it a little smaller because it was just too big. Following the photos of the pin, we tied off part of the bag to make a "body" then began to cut the tentacles. Here's our jellyfish before we put it in the jar...yeah, I'll get to this in a minute... Time to fill up our jar and dye the water blue. Technically you don't have to dye the water but it makes for a good effect. … [Read more...]

Easy Microwave Sweet Potato Chips–Pinned it, Did it!

I was searching through Pinterest trying to find some healthy snacks to make my family. I came across microwave sweet potato chips and knew we would love them. The pin eventually lead to the original post on Naptime Diaries. While these chips were super good and my girls gobbled them up, I did fail at the first batch I made. You would think they would be easy to make. After all, you essentially just cut the potato then microwave it. What could go wrong? This...I burnt them. I followed the directions, and I burnt them! Man did the house stink! My microwave must be stronger than hers. My second attempt went much better. I significantly cut down the time and I only burnt one chip. To be honest, I can't remember how long I put them in for. I just kept an eye on them. Now that I've got it down, we'll definitely be making these sweet potato chips again! They are healthy and easy to make! What about you? Do you like sweet potatoes? Would you try to make your own chips? … [Read more...]