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Painting Snowflakes with Pine Needles

painting snowflakes with pine needles

A few months ago I pinned a painting snowflakes with pine needles craft. I thought it would be a fun craft for my girls to do. I would link to the original post for the pin but spoonful.com is redirected to family.disney.com/crafts and I can’t find the post anywhere on that site. Instead, I’m showing you a screen shot of the pin.

pine needle snow painting

Don’t those painted pine needle snowflakes look cool? Yeah, I thought so too. But, as you can see from my featured photo at the beginning of the post, ours didn’t turn out quite so well.

painted pine needle snowflakes

Tottie and I went out to our back yard and clipped a few small branches from our pine trees. We clipped from two different types of trees.

painting snowflakes with pine needles

I then cut off the tips so that the pine needles could lay flat when pressed onto the paper.

painting snowflakes with pine needles

Next the girls dipped the pine needles into white paint…

snowflakes made with pine needles

…and pressed them onto the paper. Yeah…ours look NOTHING like the perfect snowflakes in the Pinterest photo. Oh well. Tottie thought it was cool anyway. Nutty decided it was “lame” because it didn’t turn out like the photo.

pine needle snowflakes

Nutty decided to finish her painting anyway despite it being “lame.”

painted pine needle snowflakes

Here’s our finished attempt at painting snowflakes with pine needles. I think they look ok but, like Nutty, was a bit disappointed that they didn’t turn out quite as good as the pin.