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How To Make A Rain Instrument–Pinned it, Did it!

I originally pinned this rain instrument for a Pinned it, Did it post however, the pin does not link to the original source, it links to another Pinterest type site.  This website appears to be a copy-cat type and when I click on the pin I pinned, it leads to a broken link.  I refuse to give credit to a copy-cat type site that leads to broken links.  I learned my lesson to try to pin from the original site vs just re-pinning random pins.  Now onto how to make a rain instrument…

rain maker

Ok, this is super simple…

1)  Get a bottle
2)  Put in a bunch of tooth picks
3)  Put in some rice
4)  Close the bottle and shake

That’s it!!  It really DOES sound like rain!

To be completely honest, my girls were thrilled with this for about 5 minutes and then it got old.  My neighbor’s 2 year old son, however, loved it!

Side note:
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