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Turkey In Disguise

Ok, I'll admit, when Trisha from MomDot.com posted in our blogging group that she wanted to do a link up of Turkey In Disguise, I wasn't quite sure about it. I didn't really get it. Then I showed it to my girls... ...and even I got into it! See that photo above? Yup, that's my Turkey In Disguise as a nurse. You see, turkeys don't want to get eaten on Thanksgiving so they dress up as something else so they won't be noticed. I printed Trisha's free Turkey In Disguise printable then Nutty and Tottie got out their markers and went to town. Tottie came up with all kinds of ideas and made me print FOUR turkeys. Nutty had a bit of a harder time and is so picky that she's still working on her second turkey (but she plans on doing more she says). Tottie disguised her turkeys as a sunflower, girl, boy, and also copied my nurse. Nutty's turkey in disguise was a ballerina and a (not quite finished) Mini Mouse. We used just markers to make our turkeys but if you … [Read more...]

Roll A Turkey Thanksgiving Game

Earlier this week I gave you two Thanksgiving printables to keep your kids busy during the holiday. Today I'm giving you another printable but this one is a game. The Roll A Turkey game to be exact! I'll admit, this is not an original idea. My daughter brought a similar one home from school. I thought it was such a cute idea that I made my own to share with you! What you'll need: Players! There is no limit on players and any age can play as long as they can match numbers and draw. A Roll A Turkey sheet for each player. Just click on the photo above to download and print. One dice Crayons, markers, or colored pencils How to play: Youngest player starts first. Roll the dice. Match the number on the dice to the number on the Roll A Turkey sheet. Draw what matches. If you roll a number that you have already drawn, your turn is skipped. The first person to complete their turkey wins! Note that the turkey contains 2 legs, 2 wings, and 4 feathers so you'll … [Read more...]

Free Thanksgiving Printables

Now that my birthday, Tottie's birthday, and Halloween are over, it's time to start thinking about the next round of celebrations with free Thanksgiving printables! Yes, Thanksgiving is less than one month away, which means that Christmas is right around the corner! One holiday at a time though, right? In the past we've brought you 4 Thanksgiving activities to do with adults and kids, 4 more Thanksgiving activities, and 5 unique Thanksgiving crafts, we understand, however, that sometimes you just need to keep the kids quiet. That's why, this year, we're giving you free Thanksgiving printables to keep your kids quiet, yet entertained.   Click on the photos above to download and print. Though the two printables look very similar, the first is meant for younger kids who can't spell, while the second is meant for those who can spell. We made them similar so that the kids don't fight over who's printable is better. (I know my girls would fight over it!) Enjoy these … [Read more...]

How To Make Woven Paper Ball Pumpkins

I have to admit, this was almost a fail post for me. As I was searching the internet for Christmas inspiration a few weeks ago, I came across these woven paper ball ornaments. One look at them and I thought, "hey, I can do this but turn them into pumpkins for Halloween or Thanksgiving!" Thus I came up with woven paper ball pumpkins. I had every intent of letting the girls try to make these. I followed the instructions and videos in the original post and got very frustrated! I could NOT seem to get the finishing right! I had the braiding of 4 strands down, I just couldn't figure out how to tuck over and under to finish the ball since I was using only one color paper. If I couldn't figure it out, how were the girls going to do it?? I gave up and threw everything away. Then I thought, "hey, we do failure posts around here and this would make a great failure!" Since everything ended up in the garbage, I needed to start again for some photos of these tragic woven paper ball … [Read more...]

5 Unique Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

  Thanksgiving is coming up and it's time for crafts for the kids to do relating to the season.  While scouring the internet for inspiring ideas, I found 5 Thanksgiving crafts I thought were definitely unique.  I thought I'd share them with you: 1.  The Q-tip Turkey by Crafts-For-All-Seasons.  This little guy is perfect as a simple decoration or a place card holder for your table.  It does, however, look like a craft that will require adult assistance.     2.  M&M Turkey Favors by The Party Animal.  I could not get over how cute these looked!  Give them to friends or use them to decorate your Thanksgiving table.     3.  Golf Ball Turkey by Craft Klatch.  If your family loves golf these are perfect!  I've never seen anything like these and thought they were super cute!     4.  Mayflower Nut by Cultivated Lives.  What a great way to remind our kids that Thanksgiving isn't all about turkeys!  These little nut boats … [Read more...]

Make Your Thanksgiving Easy with P&G and Katie Lee–Giveaway

Thanksgiving is only one day away are you ready?  We've got some last minute tips and products to help your Thanksgiving and the rest of your Holiday season go as smoothly as possible.I had the great privilege of conducting a phone interview with the famous food critic, best selling author, and entertainer Katie Lee last week.  It was a fun interview filled with ideas not only for making things easier on yourself during the holiday time, but also for getting your kids involved in the process.Kids can easily help you get ready for your celebrations using P&G products that Katie Lee uses herself!Swiffers are much easier to use than a bucket and mop and kids find them fun!  Let them wash the kitchen floor before your guests arrive!Let them help out washing the table cloths and/or the place mats with Tide Pods.  Katie said that not many of her friends knew how to do laundry when they moved out of their parents' house.  "Teach your kids how to do laundry early!"Let your kids spray … [Read more...]