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Free Printable Emoji Valentines

Emojis are all the rage these days and my daughters are not immune to their appeal. Kiki thinks they are fun, but TJ loves anything and everything emoji. She especially loves the poop one. I'm not quite sure why. This year she asked if she could give out emoji Valentines at school. We searched the internet and found some free printable emoji Valentines, but none that contained her favorite poop emoji. So what did I do as an awesome mom? I made her her own Valentines! This isn't the first time I've made Valentines for my girls. Check out the Valentine's posts on this blog and you'll see some that have been a huge success and others that have flopped. Kiki's friends LOVED my fortune teller Valentines. But, an attempt at making invisible ink Valentines was a complete failure. For these free printable emoji Valentines I did my research. I looked up the top used emojis according to Google and my girls' iPods. Though the poop is not in Google's top 10, it is among the top … [Read more...]

FREE Printable New Year’s Game

Can you believe another year is almost over? There's only two weeks until New Year's! Where does time go? I feel like each year goes faster and faster the older I get... It's been tradition to spend New Year's with our neighbors but last year we broke that tradition and hung out with friends from our marina. This year, we are truly torn as to where we want to celebrate. Either place we decide to go, I'm bringing this fun, free printable New Year's game to play. Not only is this game incredibly easy to bring and even more simple to play, it's the perfect way to kick off a party where all the guests might not know each other. You can't ask for a more entertaining way to get the conversations started. Add in that this free printable New Year's game is family friendly, and this game is the perfect way to bring the adults and kids together to have some fun. Just make sure that the adults haven't had too much to drink yet because some of the answers *could* get interesting depending … [Read more...]

Summer Bucket List For Kids

One of the reasons this blog was started was to encourage me and my previous co-author to spend more quality time with our kids. I admit, work and social media have gotten away from me lately and quality time with my girls has been in short supply. This summer, I'm determined to unplug a bit more and spend face-to-face time with Kiki (aka Nutty) and TJ (aka Tottie). I came up with a summer bucket list for kids that should be fairly easy for the girls and me to complete this summer. Our summer vacation is about 3 months long so I came up with 60 things for us to do. That equals 5 things a week. Totally accomplishable as we can double up on some of them. When my girls say, "I'm bored" I can point them to the summer bucket list and have them pick something to do off the list. I think the two hardest things for us to complete will be geocaching and going to a baseball game but the girls haven't done either of them before so I decided to add those as new things to try. They've … [Read more...]

Free Printable Love Libs Valentines

My girls are all about being different for Valentine's Day. They don't like handing out store-bought Valentines to their friends so I'm always on the look out for unique free printable Valentines. While searching the web, I came across cute Mad Lib Valentines where people had torn out pages of Mad Lib books and rolled them into Valentines to hand out at school. I thought to myself, hey, I can make my own! So, Love Libs Valentines were created... My girls thought these were so funny and can't wait to use them with their friends. To print your Love Libs Valentines just click on the photos below. They are meant to print on a half-sheet of paper but can be printed full sized too. Roll them up, add a ribbon, a tag, and a pencil and you've got a fun and unique Valentine to give to friends! … [Read more...]

Free Customizable Camping List Printable

My family loves camping. Whether it be camping in our back yard, camping on our boat, or even having a camping birthday party, we camp at least once a year. You'd think that with how many times we camp that I'd have packing down to a tee. The thing is, I HATE packing. Packing for anything causes me huge anxiety. I'm not quite sure why. It's probably because my family moved a lot when I was younger. To help with packing for camping, I made a camping list printable of everything our family takes on our trips. Now packing (at least to go camping) is a breeze and we rarely forget anything! I thought I'd share my printable camping supply list with you to make your packing easy too! I've included things that we've packed when our girls were babies and even things we take for our dogs. This list is completely customizable so you can make it your own without a lot of thought. See the directions for customization below. Click on the photo above or click HERE to download. To … [Read more...]

Free About My Dad Father’s Day Printable

Father's Day is one week away. Have you thought about what your children are going to do for their dad? What ever you decide to do, how about including this About My Dad Father's Day Printable to make this Father's Day memorable. We don't do much for smaller Holidays like Father's Day in my family. To us they are overly priced "Hallmark Holidays". We do, however, acknowledge them by giving small, homemade, and personalized gifts such as this About My Dad printable and these Father's Day Coupons. My daughter's have been giving dad About My Dad sheets since preschool and it's fun to read their answers as they get older. This year I made my own sheet with questions I thought would be fun and interesting. I hope you and Dad enjoy them too! Click the photo above or click HERE to download the About My Dad Father's Day Printable. Please note that the download button is small, under the photo, and looks like this: Clicking on any other button may cause you to be spammed. … [Read more...]