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OREO Catapult Game #OREOSuperDunk

This OREO Catapult Game post has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #OREOSuperDunk #CollectiveBias When was the last time you had fun dunking OREO cookies? With this OREO Catapult Game you can bring back the joy of dunking while adding a bit of playfulness. To play the game, you'll need: About 10 craft sticks (per person) 6 small rubber bands (per person) 3 OREO cookies (per person) 1 glass of milk (per person) Start by making one catapult per player. You can find the directions for making the catapults in this post of mine. Give each player 3 OREO cookies and a glass of milk. The first person to catapult all three of their OREO cookies into the milk and then eat the cookies wins! (Excuse the photo bomb by the dog. He wants that OREO that's flying in the air!) My girls had a ton of fun playing the OREO Catapult Game. They didn't think it was going to work at first and were surprised … [Read more...]

Mail Order Mystery – The Perfect After Christmas Gift

It's a month after Christmas and you've got a birthday or other celebration coming up for which you need to buy a gift. What do you get a child who already got everything they wanted for Christmas? How about a Mail Order Mystery? My girls and I received one for review purposes and we had a ton of fun with it. Mail Order Mysteries make the perfect, unique, after Christmas gift that also keeps giving! So what is a Mail Order Mystery? It is a mysterious story for children that unfolds through letters and items that come in the mail. The story is not told in a traditional way, but rather through a series of events. Depending on the mystery, you could receive hand-written letters, top secret folders, newspaper clippings, postcards, maps, keys, lockets and more. Each mailing contains something to do (a code to crack, a puzzle to solve, a number to call) in addition to the artifacts. All is revealed in the final mailing, a grand finale that contains a “payoff” keepsake or treasure … [Read more...]

America’s Greatest School Nurse Contest #sickjustgotreal #ad

This America's Greatest School Nurse Contest post is sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. Information and prizes have been provided by Pfizer, however, all thoughts and reviews are my own. I am a pediatric intensive and cardiac care nurse. I have always loved working with children, and knew from the minute I chose to be a nurse that I would work in pediatrics. Ultimately, I feel in love with the hospital and critical care, but did consider school nursing as an option for my career. I have always admired school nurses. They are the first person of comfort when your child gets sick or injured during the school day. School nurses deal with anything from paper cuts, to life threatening allergies, to embarrassing mishaps from maturing students. But that's not all. Nurses who work in schools assist children with social and emotional issues, crisis management, disaster prepardness, and bullying. They also provide education on puberty, nutrition, substance abuse and more. Often … [Read more...]

KidCreate Studio Fun

A few weeks ago KidCreate Studio in Eden Prairie invited a few bloggers and their children to come get to know them, hang out with them and make a Thanksgiving craft. Obviously Thanksgiving is over so I'm a little late writing about all the fun we had, but I'm sharing anyway because KidCreate Studio has some awesome Christmas crafts in their schedule right now. One of the first things you'll notice when you enter KidCreate Studio (besides all the artwork) is their birds, Arty and Crafty. They added some fun with their chirping throughout our creation time. The kids started in a circle on the mats and talked about what they were thankful for as well as learned the rules of the studio. From that point on, us parents could be as little or as much involved as we wanted. Most of us decided to help out a little because we were there. You can certainly drop off your kids and let the staff do all the work though. Our craft was a clay turkey. The staff walked the children … [Read more...]

8 Must Get Christmas Gifts For Dogs – Plus Giveaway

This post of 8 must get Christmas gifts for dogs is sponsored by SmartBones® through Coyne. The SmartBones® information below, product, and gift card, have been provided by SmartBones®. All opinions are my own. If you've been following my blog or my Instagram account for a while you know that my family has two dogs. Our dogs aren't just our pets, they are our 4-legged children. Thus when we celebrate Christmas, Suzy and Bentley are included in the gift receiving (and giving too!). Below you'll find a list of 8 must get Christmas gifts for dogs (and one thing NOT to include on your list) so that you can incorporate your 4-legged child(ren) in Christmas too. New Collar and Leash When was the last time you gave your furry child new jewelry? Did you know it can be hazardous to your dog's health to wear a dirty collar? Not only do dirty collars wear out faster and break easier, they also harbor tons of germs and gross stuff. It's time to get your dog new bling for Christmas! New … [Read more...]

What is Floating (REST Therapy) and Why Should You Do It?

It's a weird feeling not being able to feel your body...It's also one of the most amazing things I have ever felt. Yesterday I floated for 60 minutes at Float Foundation in exchange for my honest opinion on my blog. Today, I added a few more sessions to my Christmas wish list so that I can do it again. What is floating and why should you do it? Read on and I'll explain... I first heard about floating when an ad for Float Foundation came across my Facebook feed. It looked interesting so I clicked on it and started exploring the site. I then Googled "what is floating" and became super intrigued by the idea of it. Float Foundation describes floating this way: Flotation REST is a form of Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) that uses a shallow pool of heavy water...made by super-saturating it with Epsom Salt (MgSO4 ) to the point that a person floats on his or her back effortlessly on the surface of the water like a cork. The water is heated to skin temperature and the … [Read more...]