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How To Make Woven Paper Ball Pumpkins

I have to admit, this was almost a fail post for me. As I was searching the internet for Christmas inspiration a few weeks ago, I came across these woven paper ball ornaments. One look at them and I thought, “hey, I can do this but turn them into pumpkins for Halloween or Thanksgiving!” Thus I came up with woven paper ball pumpkins.

woven paper ball pumpkins

I had every intent of letting the girls try to make these. I followed the instructions and videos in the original post and got very frustrated! I could NOT seem to get the finishing right! I had the braiding of 4 strands down, I just couldn’t figure out how to tuck over and under to finish the ball since I was using only one color paper. If I couldn’t figure it out, how were the girls going to do it??

woven paper pumpkin ball

I gave up and threw everything away. Then I thought, “hey, we do failure posts around here and this would make a great failure!” Since everything ended up in the garbage, I needed to start again for some photos of these tragic woven paper ball pumpkins.

Well, in the quest to make fun of myself by starting this post from scratch, I figured out how to finish the pumpkin balls! Go figure! I’m still not going to have the girls try them. At least not with one color paper. Maybe we’ll try them with 4 colors for Christmas ornaments like the original post. I’m just proud that I did it myself!

If you want to try these somewhat difficult wove paper ball pumpkins for yourself, please visit the great directions and videos in the original post. I’m not qualified to teach you how to make them!