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16 Tips For Running In A Color Race

Color Race Tips

This September my girls and I are running our first color race, the Color Vibe™ to be exact. I was suppose to run a similar race last year but it was cold and rainy that day so I opted not to go. I have regretted it ever since. When Tum-E Yummies® fruit flavored drinks contacted my family to participate in Color Your World along with them and Color Vibe™ I immediately said yes! I can't wait to have a ton of fun with the girls! (Lindsi, occasional co-author of Toys In The Dryer) Though I have never ran a color race before, I do have plenty of friends who have done one. I asked them to share with me some tips for making it fun and easy. This is what they had to say: 1) Have fun. Though it's called a race, most people walk. People of all ages and abilities participate and there's no prize for being first so relax and enjoy the color! 2) You'll get color everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE; even in places you least expect. Just be warned. 3) Keep your mouth closed in the color … [Read more...]

I Challenge You

I said I was never going to do the viral "Ice Bucket Challenge" that has been going around. I have plenty of reasons for not doing it. None of which I need to defend to you. However, I DID end of taking the challenge after being called out by a fellow Red Cross Social Media Advocate, Astronaut Abby and my neighbor Annie. I put my own twist on the challenge though and you're going to have to watch the video to see what it is! Now that you've watched the video, I'll lead you to this website: A few (impolite) questions about the ice bucket challenge. The author makes a few strong points that coincide with some my original reasons for not doing the challenge. Here's a link to the two causes/medical conditions/diseases (whatever you want to call them) that I support: Spasmodic Dystonia: dysphonia.org/spasmodic-dysphonia.php Spinal Muscular Atrophy (aka SMA): smafoundation.org What cause do YOU support? I'd love for you to share awareness in the comments below! … [Read more...]

Raising Monarchs Part 3

Raising Monarchs

By now you are well aware that we've raised a monarch butterfly from egg stage. However, if you are new to Toys In The Dryer, you can catch up with Part 1, the egg, and Part 2, the growing caterpillar, before you read this part 3, the chrysalis and release of our butterfly. In a total of 32 days our monarch went from a newly laid egg to an adult butterfly! It was fun and interesting to watch! Unfortunately, we missed the most awesome parts such as watching the caterpillar molt, seeing it go into chrysalis, and watching our butterfly emerge from chrysalis, but it was a learning experience none the less. I ended Part 2 of this story on day 20, the day before our caterpillar went into it's chrysalis. On day 21 we awoke to the "j". I knew it wouldn't be long before we had a chrysalis. In fact, if you look closely at the photo on the left above, you can start to see green coming through on the caterpillar. Unfortunately, hubby decided to take the boat out that day and he … [Read more...]

AT&T’s #GoPhone at the #MNStateFair + Ticket Giveaway!

GoPhone logo

This post is sponsored. All products mentioned and reviewed on this page are compliments of AT&T. All opinions of the products are my own. Earlier this week I introduced you to the new foods and fun at the 2014 Minnesota State Fair. Today I'm giving you a chance to try all the food and fun for FREE compliments of AT&T and The GoPhone Freedom Tour team. Yes, that's right, I'm giving away 2 tickets to the 2014 Minnesota State Fair at the end of this post! The GoPhone Freedom Tour team will be at the fair from August 29 – September 1, 2014 offering one-on-one introductions to GoPhone and live hands-on demonstrations of the latest smartphone devices on the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network. Guests can visit the GoPhone 4G LTE Fast Grab Booth for a chance to win a GoPhone prize pack and be entered for a chance to win a brand new device! I've been trying out AT&T's GoPhone service since the beginning of the month and it has been great! I'll write a complete … [Read more...]

New Foods and Fun at the Minnesota State Fair! Part 2

Minnesota State Fair

Yesterday I did a post about 7 of the 28 new foods at the 2014 Minnesota State Fair. Today I'm going to to talk about the new fun stuff you'll see this year. It starts with a new entrance. See that State Fair Streetcar Arch above? That's what will greet you just inside the brand new West End Gate, otherwise known as the Transit Hub. Nearly half of the fair's more than 1.7 million guests travel to the fair via mass transit. This new gate provides easy, safe access to Park & Ride and Express Service buses. The Streetcar Arch has been found and restored to its original 1934 state where it greeted visitors at the Como entrance. The old Heritage Square is no more. It has been leveled off and replaced by the West End Market. Featuring dozens of artisans, craftspeople and specialty merchants (many who have never exhibited at the MN State Fair), as well as The Schells Stage at the Hugh & Margaret Shilling Amphitheater, and stellar food and beverage options, this is … [Read more...]

New Foods and Fun at the Minnesota State Fair! Part 1

Minnesota State Fair

8/13/14--  The Great Minnesota Get-Together otherwise known as the Minnesota State Fair is a little more than 8 days away and I can't be more excited! I usually don't post local events on my main page but this is one thing I want to brag about to my National and International readers. Why? Because the Minnesota State Fair is the largest state fair in the United States by average daily attendance boasting upwards of 200,00 attendees a day! The State Fair of Texas beats us out by overall attendance but they run longer than we do. The Minnesota State Fair is 320 acres and 12 days of pure fun and food (definitely food, and on a stick!). I was lucky enough to join 11 other Minnesota bloggers for a sneak preview of some of the new food and fun at the 2014 State Fair. One thing I learned...I need to broaden my horizons! We usually do the same things and eat the same foods each year we go. There is SO much I didn't know! This year will be an entirely new experience! New Foods... … [Read more...]

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