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Tea Bag Rocket

Tea Bag Rocket

My girls complained of being "bored" again yesterday so I hopped on the internet and searched for science activities for them to do. I came across this tea bag rocket on Kids Activities Blog and thought my girls would love it. Turns out they did! Our first rocket didn't work. I'm not sure why. It simply burnt down without lifting up. The girls were disappointed but as you can tell from the video, our second one went just fine! We went through 6 more tea bags before I told them I was done. I don't like to steal other blogger's ideas so you'll have to go to Kids Activities Blog for the actual directions and to see why this awesome rocket works. One final note, Kim did her rockets inside her house because she said any type of breeze outside will knock the rocket over. I was too scared of flying fire in my house so we did ours in the garage. Turns out, if you have a high ceiling, you can totally do this inside as the rocket burns itself out super fast.   … [Read more...]

12 Deliciously Unique Smores Recipes

12 Smores Recipes

Summer is in full swing and with a heat index of 105 in Minnesota today, it finally feels like it! Of course, what screams summer more than the heat? Smores! I've rounded up 11 of the most deliciously unique Smores recipes on the internet for your enjoyment. Ok, maybe I rounded them up for my own enjoyment because my family loves Smores! Smores Cream Pie--Pie plus Smores, you can't go wrong with this one. It's simple to make too. Smores Stuffed French Toast--Want Smores for breakfast? No problem with this fun french toast.       Smores Croissants --A recipe from our archives. Perfect for those times (like the middle of winter) when you can't make real Smores. Smores Snack Mix--Add some Smores to your party without having to have a campfire and all the mess.       Indoor Smores--Raining outside? You can still have Smores indoors with this recipe. Giant Smores Cake--Nothing makes an impression more than a giant … [Read more...]

“Eyelash Crack”


Good Morning Lash Ladies! Lash Ladies? Yup, that's what I said! Lindsi here....I want to introduce you to a fantastic, no scratch that, incredible product! My friend Molly introduced me to "Lash Crack" a couple of months ago and it is indeed that....addicting! I have had so many compliments on my eyelashes since I started using 3D Fibers from Younique (my virtual party link) I can't even keep track. People are commenting on the thickness of my lashes, the length of my lashes and just the over all look of my lashes. I am incredibly impressed and I know you will be too! I've had a ton of questions about this awesome product. So let me give you some info and a story of why Younique and why this crazy busy mom of 4 boys (7 and under) decided to give it a try! First and foremost...I LOVE working with a bunch of WOMEN and MOMS and my favorite buyers are WOMEN and MOMS! So, as a crazy busy mom, my daily routine consists of a quick shower (if I get that in) and a quick application … [Read more...]

Raising Monarchs Part 1

raising monarchs

A few weeks ago a family friend posted photos on his Facebook page of the Monarch caterpillar his family was raising. I thought it was fascinating to see the changes and thought my girls would love to raise a Monarch too. I called my friend and asked him where he got his Monarch kit. Turns out, they didn't buy a kit. They found the egg themselves! Photo above By Killerlimpet via Wikimedia Commons because I keep forgetting to take a photo of my own.Monarchs lay their eggs on Milkweed plants so if you have Milkweed near you, you can most likely find Monarch eggs. The girls and I set off to explore the walking trail by our house where I knew Milkweed grew. Monarchs in the wild tend to lay one egg per leaf and you can find the eggs on the underside of the leaf. Because the eggs only take 3-4 days to hatch (and make tasty treats for other bugs) they can be a bit difficult to find. After some searching, we found two eggs. We cut the leaves off the plant, brought them inside and … [Read more...]

Sun Made Iced Tea


I've said before that I liked tea parties when I was younger. In the winter, my mom would make Russian Tea. This past week I was reminded of the Sun Tea that she used to make in the summer. Oh yum! It's such a refreshing drink on a warm day. My girls aren't quite sure they like it but I love it! To make sun tea yourself you'll need: 7 plain black tea bags (do not use iced tea or cold brew, use regular ones) 3 fruit tea bags of your choice Sweetener of your choice Drink dispenser with a spigot Put your tea bags in your dispenser. Fill to the top with water and shut the lid tightly. Let it sit in the sun for the day. After a minimum of 6 hours, stir then remove the tea bags. Sweeten to taste and refrigerate. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Seed Paper

seed paper

My mom is cardmaker/stamper. She has supplies galore in my sister's old bedroom which she has turned into her "office". My girls love to dig in her materials when they visit her house. Often times they make cards of their own for friends and family. This past week when the girls and I went to my parents' house, my mom decided to do something different. She helped them make seed paper. If you aren't familiar with seed paper, it is just what it sounds like. Paper with seeds it in. You plant the paper, it dissolves in the dirt, and the seeds grow into plants. The process of making the paper can be a bit messy but the Nutty and Tottie thought it was a ton of fun and can't wait to do it again as soon as I buy my own supplies. To make seed paper with your kids, you'll need a few paper making supplies. You don't have to have anything super special. My mom put together her own "kit" with things she had laying around. A frame the size you want your paper to be (a cheap picture frame … [Read more...]