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OREO Catapult Game #OREOSuperDunk

This OREO Catapult Game post has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #OREOSuperDunk #CollectiveBias When was the last time you had fun dunking OREO cookies? With this OREO Catapult Game you can bring back the joy of dunking while adding a bit of playfulness. To play the game, you'll need: About 10 craft sticks (per person) 6 small rubber bands (per person) 3 OREO cookies (per person) 1 glass of milk (per person) Start by making one catapult per player. You can find the directions for making the catapults in this post of mine. Give each player 3 OREO cookies and a glass of milk. The first person to catapult all three of their OREO cookies into the milk and then eat the cookies wins! (Excuse the photo bomb by the dog. He wants that OREO that's flying in the air!) My girls had a ton of fun playing the OREO Catapult Game. They didn't think it was going to work at first and were surprised … [Read more...]

Popsicle Stick Bow and Arrows

It's spring which means it's rainy outside. It's easy to let the kids play on their tablets all day but that's not exactly good for them. Today I'm adding to the popsicle stick bow and arrows to our collection of rainy day activities. These mini bow and arrows are something the whole family can have fun playing with! To make these mini bow and arrows you'll need: popsicle sticks dental floss q-tips a knife scissors Start by making two small notches on each end of the popsicle stick. They should be about 1/2 inch from the end of the stick. These notches help hold the dental floss in place. I used a knife to make the notches but use what works best for you. Next, wind dental floss around the popsicle stick where the notches are. Once you've wound it around a few times, pull tightly so that the popsicle stick bends. Then wind the dental floss around the notches at the opposite end. Make sure you start on the same side of the stick as you ended when you … [Read more...]

Wax Rocks

My girls love finding rocks everywhere we go. I can't tell you how many "cool" rocks we've collected over the years. The girls, however, are just like me. I think if I weren't a nurse, I would have become a geologist. Because of our love of rocks, we decided to make wax rock gems. These gems are super simple to make and look beautiful in any garden or just sitting as decor in your house. To make them, you'll need: Any amount of rocks you want to make. The smoother the better. Crayons (brand name works best) An oven and baking sheet Oven mitt or something to handle hot rocks News paper or paper plate Start by collecting your rocks then thoroughly wash and dry them. Remember, the smoother, the better. Unfortunately, we don't have many smooth rocks around our yard. Place the rocks on a baking sheet and bake them in the oven until warm. Use an oven mitt or tongs to transfer the hot rocks onto a paper plate or newspaper. Remind your kids that these rocks … [Read more...]

Rain Storm In A Jar

Last week there were horrible tornadoes across the US so the girls and I made a tornado in a jar so I could teach them a little about how they form. Two nights ago we had horrible storms at our house which included greater than one inch hail. The girls and I did another experiment to talk about how rain and hail is formed. First off I'll tell you that you need shaving CREAM and not a gel-type shaving cream. I tried this with gel first and it was a failure. We went and got some cheap shaving cream at the store and started over. Fill your jar almost to the top with water then cover the water with shaving cream. Next put drops of blue food coloring all over the shaving cream. Use a dropper if you have one (we ended up using a baster as a dropper) to add small amounts of water over the food coloring drops. It will start to "rain" as the food coloring seeps through the "clouds" into the water. Rain forms when the clouds get a lot of water and then start to drip … [Read more...]

Tornado In A Jar

First, my thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the recent tornadoes in the central US. Because of all the news about these tornadeos, the girls have had a lot of questions. I thought we would do an experiment to hopefully answer some of those questions. Thus, we did a tornado in a jar. To make your own tornado, you'll need: a jar water a small amount of dish soap (about a teaspoon) 1) Fill the jar to almost full and add the dish soap. 2) Put the top on then shake it up to get some suds on the top. 3) Let the water settle out just a bit for the best results. 4) After the water has settled, shake the jar again in a circular motion. When you stop shaking, you should see a tornado form! 5) Let the water settle out again before making your next tornado. You can explain to your kids that tornadoes happen when two different air masses (usually a warm and a cold one) bump into each other. One mass moves faster than the other so they form a … [Read more...]

Family Bonding With Puzzles

For as long as I can remember my dad has gotten a puzzle for his birthday.  My dad's birthday is Christmas Eve so my family would put together his birthday puzzle over Christmas break.  We would spend days bonding as a family while putting these puzzles together. My girls have loved and gotten puzzles for presents since they were old enough to put them together.  Tottie puts one together at least once every couple of weeks.  They keep her busy while Nutty is at school. A couple of years ago, Hubby had carpel tunnel surgery.  He bought himself a 2000 piece puzzle to keep occupied while off of work.  Little did he know, his puzzle would be the start of a new family tradition. The girls and I loved helping him put together that large puzzle.  Since then, once a year we get a large puzzle to put together as a family. This puzzle takes up 3/4 of our dinning room table but Hubby and I think it's worth it.  He cut boards so that they can be moved if need be (i.e. for … [Read more...]