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What I REALLY Want For Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is this coming Sunday and I'm sure you've seen all kinds of posts about what moms want for their special holiday. I made a funny infographic about the perfect Mother's day gift, and was quoted on Royal Caribbean's press site saying I wouldn't mind a family photo session. Other's have said in my private Facebook groups that they wouldn't mind homemade cards, a dinner out with the family, a spa day, or time to themselves.  Time to myself is what I REALLY want for Mother's Day. I don't want any old time to myself though... My ideal Mother's Day present would be an entire 24 hours alone in my house. Yes, I said in my house. I'd have hubby take the kids somewhere fun in the evening. They would go to a hotel for the night and then somewhere fun again during the next day. I would relax in my own house, do what ever I want to do, watch the movies I want to watch, stay up as late as I want, and sleep-in in my own bed. It's really a win-win for everyone (except maybe … [Read more...]

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Infographic

Mother's Day is just a few weeks away. This year, instead of letting the men in our lives flail around trying to come up with the perfect gift for us, why not show them this simple Mother's Day gift infographic I created. It will guarantee that we'll get exactly what we want on Mother's Day. What do you think? Could this Man's Guide to the Perfect Mother's Day Gift help the man in your life? … [Read more...]

Mom Tips to Help Make Every Day Extraordinary

Samantha Harris, celebrity mom of two and television personality, shares her favorite mom tips to help make your everyday extraordinary. Tip #1: Schedule your mom activities like an appointment! I like to pencil in workouts, carpool duty and grocery shopping right into my calendar so I can keep my to-do list organized. Seeing it all written down is a surefire way to get it all done and allow you to rearrange as needed. Tip #2: Make "date night" a priority! As moms, we are constantly juggling many hats and it can be easy to forget to focus some time for our relationships. Ask your relatives or a friend to babysit for a night (and offer to return the favor), then hit the town. Or have a "date in", by setting up a sleepover for the kids (or putting them to bed early), and rent a movie, make some popcorn and curl up on the couch! Tip #3: Enlist the kids to help! Chores don't need to solely fall on mom—I like to get my kids involved by making a chore wheel and set up a completion … [Read more...]

How to Pamper Yourself on Mother’s Day (and involve your kids!)

If your husband/significant other is anything like mine or Lindsi's you already know you won't be getting much (if anything) for Mother's Day.  Don't worry, we've got ways for you to pamper yourself on Mother's Day while also involving your kids (in most cases). Let your kids paint your nails.It doesn't have to be pretty but it will be fun!  Let your kids wash your feet and put lotion on them for a full pedicure! Take a bath while your kids watch a movie.  Ok, so this one doesn't involve your kids but it does keep them occupied while you get some quiet time.  Rent a movie they've never seen so that it keeps their attention. Let your kids style your hair.I don't know about you but I love when my girls play with my hair!! Have your kids draw shapes on your back.Your kids draw shapes on your back while you try to guess what shape it is.  It's like a mini massage! Let your kids make you lunch.Grab the bread, peanut butter, and jelly.  Sit back and have your kids make your … [Read more...]

Celery Rose Stationary- Mother’s Day

Not too long ago I was chopping up some celery for dinner. I grabbed the stock and sliced off the base of the celery and set it aside. A few minutes hours later I looked at that left over end of the celery stalk and saw a rose. A rose? Yup, a rose! I've seen people use potatoes as stamps for projects so I thought that maybe it would be alright to use some celery, right? All you need to make the cutest Rose Stamped Stationary for Mother's Day is celery, paper, and paint! Cut the end of the stalk of celery off and dab it dry on a paper towel. Dip the celery stalk in red paint and have your child stamp it on the paper. Use their thumb or finger to make the leaves with green paint. It's THAT easy! I wish i had more photos to share with you but somewhere between cutting the celery and the final product I forgot to pick up my camera again. Hope you have time to make these and will share with us how it went. … [Read more...]