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What is Floating (REST Therapy) and Why Should You Do It?

It's a weird feeling not being able to feel your body...It's also one of the most amazing things I have ever felt. Yesterday I floated for 60 minutes at Float Foundation in exchange for my honest opinion on my blog. Today, I added a few more sessions to my Christmas wish list so that I can do it again. What is floating and why should you do it? Read on and I'll explain... I first heard about floating when an ad for Float Foundation came across my Facebook feed. It looked interesting so I clicked on it and started exploring the site. I then Googled "what is floating" and became super intrigued by the idea of it. Float Foundation describes floating this way: Flotation REST is a form of Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) that uses a shallow pool of heavy water...made by super-saturating it with Epsom Salt (MgSO4 ) to the point that a person floats on his or her back effortlessly on the surface of the water like a cork. The water is heated to skin temperature and the … [Read more...]

10 Back To School Planning Tips

If you haven't figured it out from the signs and supplies in the stores, commercials all over TV, and ads plastered everywhere, we've started back-to-school time. In honor of this time of year, I've come up with 10 back to school planning tips. These aren't your normal back to school planning tips though...hint, buy a bottle of wine! 1) Assess the clothes situation Go through all your kids clothes to see what they have for this coming school year. Learn that one or more of your children has had a growth spurt sometime this summer and you have to buy an entirely new wardrobe. 2) Drink a glass of wine 3) Assess the supply situation Go through the school supply list you received from your child's teacher and assess what you can reuse and what you have to buy. Argue with your child that their backpack and lunch box from last year ARE good enough to use again this year. Realize that you have to buy the rest of the school supplies. Go to multiple stores looking for yellow folders only … [Read more...]

Mommy and Me Day

Last year I talked about the importance of one-on-one time with your children. In that post I talked about how Nutty and I never get time alone together so we had a special mommy and me day at the zoo for some bonding time. For that past few months, Nutty has been again feeling the affects of not spending time with me. She was complaining that I loved Tottie more because I do more things with her. In reality, I do more things with Tottie because Tottie is not yet in full-day school like Nutty is. So...I spoke with Nutty's teacher. We decided that it was ok for me to pull Nutty out of school for the afternoon for some one-on-one time while Tottie was in preschool. As un-luck would have it, things kept getting messed up with our plans and we kept having to postpone our afternoon together. Nutty thought for sure I just didn't want to spend time with her. Well, today things changed...I set up a play-date for Tottie with a friend and called Nutty's teacher to let her know I … [Read more...]

How To Avoid Back To School Blunders #Spon #BacktoSchoolwithBSK

We've gotten pretty lucky when it comes to back to school time.  I honestly can't think of any major blunders that have happened in the past years.  Of course, we've only had to deal with two back to school days as Nutty is entering 2nd grade.  This year, however, might be a little different.  Hubby and I are going on a cruise the week before school starts.  I just KNOW I'm going to forget something for Nutty.  Here's what I'm doing, and what you can do, to help prevent blunders this year: Make sure you have all the back to school supplies packed and ready to go in the backpacks the night before.  Double check it! Pack your lunches the night before and store them in the front of the fridge.  If you are packing something that you don't want to make the night before, leave yourself a note of exactly what you want to pack. Make sure your camera has enough batteries, your memory card is in your camera, and that you have enough room on your card.  I can't tell you how many times … [Read more...]

Mom Tips to Help Make Every Day Extraordinary

Samantha Harris, celebrity mom of two and television personality, shares her favorite mom tips to help make your everyday extraordinary. Tip #1: Schedule your mom activities like an appointment! I like to pencil in workouts, carpool duty and grocery shopping right into my calendar so I can keep my to-do list organized. Seeing it all written down is a surefire way to get it all done and allow you to rearrange as needed. Tip #2: Make "date night" a priority! As moms, we are constantly juggling many hats and it can be easy to forget to focus some time for our relationships. Ask your relatives or a friend to babysit for a night (and offer to return the favor), then hit the town. Or have a "date in", by setting up a sleepover for the kids (or putting them to bed early), and rent a movie, make some popcorn and curl up on the couch! Tip #3: Enlist the kids to help! Chores don't need to solely fall on mom—I like to get my kids involved by making a chore wheel and set up a completion … [Read more...]

Falling into the "Super Mom trap"

Super Mom VS. A Super Mom Source Super Mom- you know the type. She's in the PTA. She makes meals from scratch. She sews her kids clothing. She uses cloth diapers. She has fresh baked cookies waiting when they arrive home from school. Oops, wait- she drives them to and from school, they don't ride the bus. She has a spotless home. Her marriage is one others envy. She is involved in church leadership. She always looks clean and put together. She is fashionable. Her home is something out of a Martha Stewart magazine. She has baby books filled out in great detail for each child. Their artwork is ALL saved and stored properly. She never wears glasses, she always has time for contacts. When you ask for help she is the first one to volunteer. She runs the bake sale. She has a garage sale every year. Her SUV is always clean and smells wonderful. She writes a blog for her family, for fun, for her crafts, and for her cooking endeavors. She's perfect! A super mom- YOU, ME, … [Read more...]