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Fall Leaf Bowl

I love fall. I love the smell, I love the colors, I love the temperature. It's my second favorite season next to summer. I'm always looking for new things to do with fall leaves so when I came across a fall leaf bowl on Pinterest, I knew the girls and I had to try to make one. There are many different versions of fall leaf bowls on Pinterest. Most use fake leaves but I wanted to see what would happen if we used real leaves. TJ and I gathered a bunch of fresh fallen leaves from the yard. The leaves must be fresh fallen so they can bend. Then we gathered the rest of the supplies: Modge Podge Sponge brush Plastic wrap A bowl We first tried to Modge Podge the leaves around a balloon like some people suggested. However, the balloon was too round and the leaves had a hard time molding to the form and staying on it. So we got out one of my mixing bowls and covered it with plastic wrap so that the leaves didn't permanently stick to it. The bowl worked much … [Read more...]

Tin Foil Leaves

A few years ago we did leaf drawings on the blog. This year we'll so something similar but with different supplies...tin foil leaves! Tottie and her friend had a blast making these and watching the different leaf patterns come through. To make these, you'll need: tin/aluminum foil card stock paper glue leaves of different shapes/sizes paint and a brush (optional) 1) Start by gluing at least one leaf on your paper. Make sure the veins/bumpy side of the leaf is facing UP. 2) Next cover the leaf with the tin foil by wrapping the foil around the paper and folding it on the opposite side of the paper as the leaf. 3) Flip the paper over and rub your finger over the tin foil so that the leaf pattern comes through. This is where your kid's faces will light up! 4) This last step is optional. You can use paint to make the pattern stand out a little more. Make sure to use just a LITTLE bit of paint (a thin layer) or you'll lose the pattern … [Read more...]

Fall Leaf Fairies

The leaves are falling in full force around here and now is the perfect time to do some crafts with them.  Last year we showed you how to make leaf animals and a few weeks ago we showed you how to make flower fairies.  Today we combine those two concepts to make fall leaf fairies. These are super easy to make and require very little supplies: Leaves of various shapes and sizes Small twigs Paper Glue Marker and scissors optional Yup, that's it! To make the fairies simply choose leaves to make a body, face, and wings. Hair, crowns, and other things are optional. Use the twigs to make arms and legs. Glue everything in place on your paper and you're done! Even super little kids can make these fairies. The most fun part is finding leaves that you think will work. What types of things have you made with leaves? … [Read more...]

Leaf Animals–Pinned it, Did it!

It's Friday which mean's another Pinned it, Did it! post!  This pin totally caught my eye and I decided that Tottie could easily do it!  She is only 4 so she needed some direction as to where to put the leaves but she had a ton of fun watching her moose come together on paper! You'll need to gather some leaves of various shapes and sizes.  We simply looked at the photo from the pin and tried to find leaves that matched.  It was good lesson in leaves and matching for Tottie. Then just glue the leaves like they are in the picture!  The website that the pin came from has many other leaf animals on it so I highly suggest you go check it out and try some other ones with your kids! Not bad for a 4 year old huh? … [Read more...]

Easy Fallen Leaves Tree Craft

I came home from work the other day to discover these displayed in our living room: I guess my Mother-In-Law made them with the girls while I was gone and they were so cute I had to share them.  Who knew my Mother-In-Law was crafty?  I didn't!   If you want to make these with your kids, here's what you'll need: A bunch of dried leaves with long stems (maple leaves work well) Markers, crayons, or colored pencils Cardstock, cardboard, or thicker paper (my Mother-In-Law used the back of clothes gift boxes so the project stood on it's own when done) Tape 1)  Have your kids draw the trunk of the tree on the cardstock/cardboard.  Let them add what ever other decorations they want to the base of the tree. Step 2)  Bunch the leaves together like a bouquet of flowers lining the stems up together.   Step 3)  Tape the stem bunch to the cardstock/cardboard over the top of the drawn tree trunk. Step 4)  Display and enjoy! … [Read more...]

Leaf drawing

Leaf drawing is a super easy, super fun craft to do with your kids. It requires little effort and little supplies, yet produces a beautiful piece of artwork that you will be proud to display.  You'll need flat, dried leaves of all shapes and sizes, crayons, and paper.  That's it! Step 1)  Take your kids outside and go hunting for multiple kinds of leaves.  The flatter the leaf is, the better it works. Step 2)  Bring in the leaves inside (if it's super nice and not too windy, stay outside) and lay them out so it's easy to choose which leaf your child wants to use. Step 3)  Put a leaf under a piece of paper, take a crayon and rub over the leaf.  Have your child take the paper off the crayon and turn the crayon on it's side so they can rub.  Don't let your child color over the leaf or the pattern won't come through. Step 4)  Repeat putting leaves under the paper and rubbing until your paper is full of leaf patterns. Step 5)  You're done!  Compliment your child on their … [Read more...]