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Tin Foil Leaves

A few years ago we did leaf drawings on the blog. This year we’ll so something similar but with different supplies…tin foil leaves!

Tin Foil Leaves

Tottie and her friend had a blast making these and watching the different leaf patterns come through.

To make these, you’ll need:

  • tin/aluminum foil
  • card stock paper
  • glue
  • leaves of different shapes/sizes
  • paint and a brush (optional)

tin foil leaves

1) Start by gluing at least one leaf on your paper. Make sure the veins/bumpy side of the leaf is facing UP.

tin foil leaves

2) Next cover the leaf with the tin foil by wrapping the foil around the paper and folding it on the opposite side of the paper as the leaf.

tin foil leaf

3) Flip the paper over and rub your finger over the tin foil so that the leaf pattern comes through. This is where your kid’s faces will light up!

tin foil leaves

4) This last step is optional. You can use paint to make the pattern stand out a little more. Make sure to use just a LITTLE bit of paint (a thin layer) or you’ll lose the pattern completely. Tottie’s friend ended up using too much paint and we had to blot it off with a paper towel. That made for an entirely different look if you want to try it.

You’re done! Proudly display your tin foil leaves artwork!

The girls had so much fun with this craft that they made three pictures each before they had to stop because Tottie’s friend’s mom showed up to take her home.