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Color By Number Valentines

Last year, as I was looking for Valentine inspiration on Pinterest, I came across these color by number valentines. I thought they were cool and was pretty sure I could make my own version. After all, I'm pretty ok at making graphics... So...I sat down with my graphic photo editing software and began to design...and then erase, design again...and erase. Why couldn't I get mine to look as awesome as her's?? I mean, look at her's above, now look at my two attempts below... Um, yeah, can we say fail?? The first one has just too much going on and the spaces are too small. In trying to hide the word love, I made a mess out of it. My second one wasn't looking too bad, but I could not come up with a way to hide the hearts. It was going to end up looking like a big ole mess just like the first one. Plus, this was taking way to long to do! So...I give up. I admit my failure. Please go visit RustandSunshine.com to print her version of these awesome color by number … [Read more...]

Slap Bracelet Valentines

On Monday I showed you how to make your own slap bracelets. Today we're going to turn them into valentines! These slap bracelet valentines are fairly cheap (and easy) to make and won't simply be throw away once received. You can use Duct Tape that looks Valentine-ish or choose your favorite every-day pattern. Hint though, boys won't want to wear a girly looking slap bracelet so keep that in mind. Click on the photos below to download and print the valentines. Print the base on colored paper of your choice and the top on white paper. Sign your name on the top circles then cut them out. Next cut out the bases. If you don't want to cut around all the scallops, just cut a circle around the scallops and leave them as a printed decoration. One large piece of double-sided tape works great to put them all together. If you don't have double-sided tape, just use two pieces of regular tape. How cute are these slap bracelet valentines?? … [Read more...]

8 Valentine Crafts for Kids of All Ages

It's been bitter cold again this week and we've been stuck inside. What better time for crafts! The girls and I scoured the internet high and low and found some of our favorite Valentine crafts for kids of all ages. Valentine Wreath for the Birds A craft that all ages can appreciate and one that birds will love even more! Hand Print Hearts Garden For the littler ones, the perfect thing to make for Grandma and Grandpa! Love Bomb I admit, I was a bit confused by this one at first.  Once I figured out what they were doing, I thought it looked fun! Love Bugs Kids of any age will love making these cute little friends! Paper Flower Who knew making a paper flower would be so easy and look so good!  The girls and I definitely tried this one! Picket Fence Valentine One of ours from last year but still a favorite! Valentine Owl Too cute not to share! Valentine Necklace Older kids will love making these adorable necklaces! … [Read more...]

Loom Bracelet Valentines–FREE PRINTABLE!

Loom bracelets are all the rage this year.  My girls couldn't wait to get theirs for Christmas (they were pretty sure that Santa was bringing them one.  In fact, it was my sister who gave the looms to them).  Since then, I've got more bracelets than I can wear, and I'm constantly picking up little rubber bands all over the house!  Despite being able to make their own, my girls love getting and giving loom bracelets to their friends.  Thus, I thought loom bracelet Valentines would be fun to make! Both girls are getting to work cranking out as many bracelets as they can make and I'm still frustrated with the rubber bands all over the place!  If you look closely, you'll see that the Valentine that says "Your Friendship Is IlLOOMinating" is made out of glow in the dark bands :) If your kids want to make loom bracelet Valentines, click on the printable below. Make sure to click on this download button and THIS BUTTON ONLY! It is small and just under the photo. Are your … [Read more...]

Invisible Ink Valentine Failure

I've been on a free Valentine printable kick lately.  I've done scratch off Valentines, Kool Aid Valentines, and my next one was suppose to be these invisible ink Valentines.   Well, if you can't tell from the photo above, I failed.  I didn't fail at the printable I made.  In fact, I think it was turning out pretty cute until I quit.  I failed at the invisible ink part. I did invisible ink all the time when I was little.  My sister and I, or my friends and I, would write with "invisible ink" then hold the paper up to a light bulb and watch the message appear.  I'm not sure what my mom used as ink when we were younger but when I looked it up online, people said anything from vinegar to lemon juice to milk. I tried vinegar and milk out on a piece of paper to see which one to recommend to my readers (we didn't have any lemon juice).  I wrote the word "test" out on paper, let it dry then held it up to a light bulb.  Nothing happened.  I figured it was just because our … [Read more...]

Kool-Aid Valentines FREE Printable!

Looking for a unique Valentine for your child to give to their friends at school?  Why not give them Kool-Aid Valentines! These Valentines are super easy to make and are relatively inexpensive.  You'll  just need: Kool-Aid packets The printable below Some tape A pen 1) Click on the photo below to print. Make sure you click on this download link and this one only! It is small and below the image. 2) Sign your name under "from" 3) Cut apart 4) Tape to the Kool-Aid packs 5) Add a silly straw for more fun! (optional) Kool-Aid packs are about 29¢ at my store.  If my daughter's class has 32 children in it, these Kool Aid Valentines will cost me $9.28 (without the silly straws).  I don't think that's bad at all!!  What do you think? … [Read more...]