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This Year’s Leprechaun Trap Find–Leprechaun Letter

Last year the girls and I put out a Leprechaun Trap. When they woke up in the morning, they were NOT disappointed that they did not catch a Leprechaun because, instead they found a  Leprechaun letter with gold dollars. I set the bar last year with this Leprechaun trap find! They were so excited by the Leprechaun letter and coins last year that they decided to do a similar trap in hopes that they would get gold again. They didn't even want to actually catch a Leprechaun! Ugh. How was I going to beat the poem and gold?? Come up with another poem! Instead of gold though, I folded dollar bills into clovers. You can find the tutorial on Crafty Journal. Unfortunately I only had 6 dollars instead of 8 so I had to use paper for the stem instead of another dollar. I thought it was a pretty good idea but my girls were a bit disappointed with this year's Leprechaun trap find. The Leprechaun didn't even have to fight his way out. He just put a note in the hole that said the … [Read more...]

Leprechaun Ice Cream Sandwiches

For past St. Patrick's Days we've made Magic Leprechaun Pudding Pie and our version of Shamrock Shakes. Today we're making Leprechaun Ice Cream Sandwiches! These tasty treats are sure to make a great addition to any St. Patrick's Day celebration! To make these yourself you'll need: Vanilla ice cream (I used vanilla bean) Milk Mint extract (make sure it's mint and not peppermint) Green food coloring Graham crackers Chocolate A blender A freezable, flat dish Round or square cookie cutter (just smaller than 1/2 a graham cracker size) 1) Blend the ice cream, mint extract, green food coloring and milk in the blender. I admit, I don't measure when I do these things. It's really just per personal taste. Only use enough milk, however, to get the ice cream to blend. You do NOT want the mixture to be soupy, it needs to be just thin enough to pour or slightly thicker than milkshake consistency. 2) Once blended, pour the mixture in a freezable flat pan. I … [Read more...]

What to do when you don’t catch a Leprechaun–Leprechaun Letter

For the past few years my family has set a Leprechaun trap sometime in the week before St. Patrick's Day. Every year we wake up to the disappointment that we did not catch a Leprechaun. This year, however will be different because of this Leprechaun letter I made. Though we will not be catching a Leprechaun, my girls will be waking up to this note and some gold coins in their trap! I can't wait to see their reaction! You can do the same thing for your children. Simply print out the Leprechaun letter below, get some gold coins (gold dollars) and put them in your Leprechaun trap after your kids fall asleep! Please note that the poem in the Leprechaun letter is an original poem written by Jamie from Toys In The Dryer on 3/12/14. Jamie owns ALL RIGHTS to the poem. Permission is needed to use the poem in any way other than for personal use. The poem may NOT be used in any other printables on any other blog. Click on the note below to download. Hopefully this Leprechaun … [Read more...]

Catching Leprechauns

Everyone knows if you catch a Leprechaun they have to give you their pot of gold. You also know that catching those pesky little critters is nearly impossible. That doesn't keep my girls from trying! This year we searched the internet for some fun and easy traps to make. Of all of the ones we looked at, the girls said these traps below look "do-able". Now to get them to agree on just one or two of them! 1) Marshmallow Mudpie has the trap that I like the most. We already have a box that's similar. Nutty agrees she likes this one too. 2) True Blue Aggie Fans has a trap similar to the one above but Tottie likes it "because it's taller and looks cooler." 3) Inheriting Our Planet has a trap similar to one we tried a few years ago. Nutty would like to try something like this again. "Maybe we didn't do it quite right last time." 4) Holiday Haven has a trap that Tottie says "I just want to try mom. I like duct tape!" Personally, this is the one I like the least :) What … [Read more...]

Leprechaun Doughnuts–Free Printable

Leprechauns are sneaky little buggers. They always cause mischief and they never get caught. This year we're going to try to lure one into a trap with Leprechaun donuts. These cute little doughnuts are easy to make and my free box printable adds a nice little touch. To make them yourselves, you'll need: 9-12 Cheerios®* or the generic version of them Small amount of white or regular chocolate to melt Sprinkles of your choice (optional) Food coloring of your choice (optional) Clear tape or plastic wrap (for the box window) The free printable below Melt the chocolate. Add food coloring if you want, then dip the tops of the Cheerios® in the chocolate. Sprinkle while wet, then let dry on a plate or wax paper. If the hole of the cereal becomes clogged you can use a toothpick to poke the hole back in while the chocolate is still wet. Once dry, place the doughnuts in the box. Aren't they so cute?! My girls wanted to eat them themselves but we need to save them … [Read more...]

Magic Leprechaun Flower

Rumor has it that if you leave a white flower out over night during the week before St. Patrick's Day, a Leprechaun will visit your house and turn it green! At least that's the rumor I'm starting at my house this year. It's the magic Leprechaun flower! I can't wait to see the looks on my girls' faces when we do this! For the sake of this post, I had to try a flower to make sure it would turn green overnight. Thank goodness for school and a large closet bedroom so I could hide my experiment!  I remember doing this experiment in school but I couldn't remember how long it took. I started with a white carnation which was just over $1.00 at my local flower shop.  Then I added a bunch of green food coloring to the water and waited... After just 4 hours the flower started turning green so I knew that overnight would be just fine.  Sure enough, the next morning... A green flower! I've got plenty more Leprechaun tricks up my sleeve this year.  This magic Leprechaun flower is … [Read more...]