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What to do when you don’t catch a Leprechaun–Leprechaun Letter

For the past few years my family has set a Leprechaun trap sometime in the week before St. Patrick’s Day. Every year we wake up to the disappointment that we did not catch a Leprechaun. This year, however will be different because of this Leprechaun letter I made.

Leprechaun letter

Though we will not be catching a Leprechaun, my girls will be waking up to this note and some gold coins in their trap! I can’t wait to see their reaction!

You can do the same thing for your children. Simply print out the Leprechaun letter below, get some gold coins (gold dollars) and put them in your Leprechaun trap after your kids fall asleep!

Please note that the poem in the Leprechaun letter is an original poem written by Jamie from Toys In The Dryer on 3/12/14. Jamie owns ALL RIGHTS to the poem. Permission is needed to use the poem in any way other than for personal use. The poem may NOT be used in any other printables on any other blog.

Click on the note below to download. Hopefully this Leprechaun letter will lessen your children’s disappointment when they don’t catch a Leprechaun this year!

leprechaun note


  1. This is an adorable idea! I love it! I love how the poem uses some “advanced” vocabulary – I’m not sure how old your kids are but I can see this being a cool subtle teaching tool too!

    Jen via SITS Spring Fling

  2. Technically my kids are a bit young for the words I used but as you said, I plan to explain to them what the words mean. I couldn’t get things to rhyme using “simple” words 🙂

  3. Thanks for posting this! My girls have set out their ‘trap’ and can’t wait to play with their little leprechaun in the morning 🙂 They even invited the neighbors over to play with him… Putting this note in the box now!

  4. Yeah, I had to make a new poem/note for this year. The girls are fully expecting gold coins again. They will get a new note/poem and instead of gold coins, they are getting dollar bill shamrocks! Post will be up on the blog tomorrow 🙂