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Pixies Boudoir Photography (Because I Could)

A few weeks ago I saw a posting in my blogging community asking for bloggers to do a boudoir mini-shoot for a local company. I've always been intrigued by boudoir photography but it's a bit out of my price range for something only my husband and close girl friends will see. The opportunity for a free mini-shoot with Pixies Boudoir Photography, in exchange for me sharing my experience, was something I could not pass up! So...one evening I met up with 4 other female bloggers for one of the most fun photo shoots I've done in a long time! Seriously, so much fun! Despite all my talk lately about weight loss, I really am comfortable in my own skin. Plus, I'm a pretty open person. Some of the other girls, not so much. Doing the mini-shoot at Pixies Boudoir Photography was way out of their comfort zone and they did it to test the boundaries of their zone. None of us regretted the choice to do the shoot. We were all excited by how we looked after our make-overs. If you want to … [Read more...]

Our 15 Seconds of Fame

"Oh my gosh!  I saw you on TV!" "I saw you in the Bethenny commercial...!" "Was that you in the Bethenny commercial I saw?" Those are the words Lindsi and I heard ALL weekend.  Friends blew up our texts, phones, and Facebook messages telling us we were in a commercial for Bethenny's new talk show! Unfortunately, it took FOREVER for Lindsi and me to see it.  We searched high and low online and couldn't find it...we watched TV (a little too much) to see if it would come on...it was SO frustrating!  Until...I set my DVR to pretty much continuously record the TV in the morning.  I FINALLY saw it!  I then re-winded it and recorded it on my phone so I could share it. Here's our 15 seconds of fame: [embedplusvideo height="253" width="450" editlink="http://bit.ly/14HdCjS" standard="http://www.youtube.com/v/yxceA0KVM8U?fs=1&hd=1" vars="ytid=yxceA0KVM8U&width=450&height=253&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=1&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=¬es=" id="ep8730" /] Did you see us? Hint: … [Read more...]

Bethenny #CallingAllMyGirls Tour Recap

One week from today the talk show bethenny will premiere on TV and we couldn't be more excited! You bet we've got our DVRs ready to go (both to watch the show and to see if our confession made the cut)! As we mentioned earlier, part of the celebrations and advertising for bethenny included Bethenny Frankel's Calling All My Girls Tour.  As bloggers, we were invited to attend the party in Minneapolis.  It was more fun than we could have imagined! Neither of us have had the opportunity to get dressed up lately so that was the first exciting part of it. We have to admit, we think we looked pretty darn good on that pink carpet! We continued to look good through out the party too (despite having multiple glasses of champagne and cocktails!).  Yes, we did require a sober cab after the party was over but it was girls' night and it was a blast!  We were tired in the morning but thank goodness did not have hangovers as someone had to take care of the kids! Bethenny was way more … [Read more...]

Bethenny’s #CallingAllMyGirls Tour + TITD After Hours

Welcome to Toys In The Dryer’s first ever After Hours post. This will be the only one you will see on our front page. Are you confused yet? Let me explain… Lindsi and I were invited to attend Bethenny Frankel’s Calling All My Girls Party in Minneapolis on Wednesday, August 6th. Bethenny is best known as the founder of the Skinny Girl Brand and is a former cast member of The Real Housewives of New York. She is now launching her own talk show called bethenny on the Fox network on September 9th. The Calling All My Girls tour is a fun way to promote Bethenny’s talk show. Contrary to our blog, Bethenny is known to share too much information and is not afraid to “go there,” however, among her controversial topics, she also focuses on family topics. So far, our blog has been family friendly and politically correct. It will continue to stay that way on our front page. However…Lindsi and I (along with the majority of our readers) are not only moms, we are women who like to have fun. … [Read more...]