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Celebrating Memorial Day with Kids

Most people consider Memorial Day the unofficial kick-off to summer. In the midst of BBQs, camping, beach time, and other patriotic fun, we often forget forget the real reason why we celebrate Memorial Day - to honor those who sacrificed their lives while serving in our military. This year, in addition to playing some patriotic games, take time to try at least one of these ideas to help your kids learn that Memorial Day is not just a day off of school for a BBQ... Send a letter of thanks If you know a family who has lost a loved one in the military, write a letter of thanks to them. Thank them for allowing their relative to serve our country and remind them that the loss of their relative will not be forgotten. Visit a Veteran's cemetery Bring flowers to decorate the grave of someone who may not have family to decorate it for them. Walk through the cemetery and look at names and dates of birth/death. Learn about real Heroism Visit the U.S. Department of Defense and learn … [Read more...]

Pipe Cleaner Firework Painting

Last week Tottie and I brought you hand print firework painting.  This week, Nutty and I bring you Pipe Cleaner Firework Painting!  Yes, we're all about celebrating the 4th of July at my house! Nutty had a ton of fun making these despite the fact that she doesn't like getting messy lately. To make your own, you'll need: Paint 4-5 Pipe cleaners Black construction paper Paper plates Scissors (optional) Glitter (optional) 1)  If you are only making "one color" of firework like we did, fold 4 pipe cleaners in half and twist the together at the folded edge about half-way up.  If you are making "more than one color" firework or have more than one child painting, cut 5 pipe cleaners in half and then twist them together about half-way up. 2)  Spread the untwisted ends apart equally. 3)  Pour paint on paper plates making sure to spread the paint around the plate and not leave it in the middle. 4)  Dip the pipe cleaners in the paint on the plates using the … [Read more...]

Patriotic Fruit Pizza

Here's what you will need for the crust: 1 box of Graham Crackers, smashed 2 T honey, divided 1 stick of butter, melted 2 T sugar Combine ingredients together in a mixer or food processor to make a dough. Press out your dough in a pie pan, add remaining tablespoon of honey to the top of the crust and bake at 350 for 18-20 minutes (until nicely browned) Here's what you will need for the remainder: 2 Cups of whipped cream (or Cool Whip) 6 ounces of vanilla (or plain) yogurt. Greek yogurt works best as it is a thicker consistency raspberries blackberries sliced strawberries Combine the whipped cream and yogurt together in a bowl and then smooth over your COOLED crust. Next, add your berries, leaving plenty of space showing the white....this will give the red, white and blue look to the fruit pizza. You certainly can do this with other fruits as well (I've done it with strawberries and kiwi at Christmas time) but if you stick to the berries you will get the … [Read more...]

Handprint Fireworks

Yes, it's time to start thinking 4th of July.  After all, it's only a little over 2 weeks away!  Where has this summer gone already?! Tottie and I started our 4th of July crafts by making hand print fireworks.  She had a ton of fun making them and I had fun watching her do it! She can't wait to see the real fireworks now! To make your own hand print fireworks, you'll need: Black construction paper Finger paints Glitter (optional) Glitter glue (optional) Paint brushes Start by having your child paint their hand however they want.  We used red, white, and blue because it's patriotic but you can use whatever colors you want.  Fireworks come in all kinds of colors.  Just have fun! Then help press your child's hand onto the black paper.  Make sure to keep the fingers spread because that's the "squiggles" of the fireworks. Once you have a bunch of hand prints and finger prints on the paper, and before the paint is dry, sprinkle glitter over the hand … [Read more...]

Patriotic Krispie Bars

  Want to know how to please nearly everyone at your next Patriotic event? Rice Krispies are ALWAYS a hit!!! And if you take a little extra time and go the extra mile you will be earning high praises! To make these delicious bars you simply need to follow the standard directions but add food coloring. I knew I needed several bars so I made three batches (one in red, one in white and one in blue). Once you have made your blue batch press them down firmly in your pan and begin to make the non-colored (white) version that is standard. Add this layer to the top of the blue ones. Now that your white layer is complete you can begin on the red layer. Add the final layer to the top of the white ones and wait for the entire thing to cool. Once they have completely cooled you can cut them into nice sized squares and watch everyone enjoy, but don't forget to sneak a few for yourself! … [Read more...]

Patriotic Pinwheels

Almost all kids (and adults too) love pinwheels!  It's fun to blow on them and watch them twirl or let the wind take them spinning.  Today we've got patriotic pinwheels.  They're great for entertaining the kids at your Memorial Day party or while waiting for the parade to start! To make your own pinwheels you'll need: Red, white, and blue paper Scissors Glue and other things to decorate with such as glitter and markers A hole punch A Pencil with an eraser A thumb tac/push pin 1)  Start by making two of your pieces of paper square.  Fold one corner of paper over to the edge and cut off the excess rectangle. 2)  Unfold the square and fold it the other direction into another triangle so that the square has been folded into 4 triangles. 3)  Using your third piece of paper cut out stripes and stars (or any other shapes) and decorate one side of each square.  Use glitter and markers too if you want! This is what my girls' squares looked like when they were … [Read more...]