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5 Alarm Fire Craft

My twins really loved this art project. Seriously, they made about 15 each! It's really easy to do and only requires a piece of paper and some finger paint. Paint your hand (or child's hand) red and have place it on the paper with your fingers far apart. Add a little red and yellow (or orange) to make a "fire" on the side where the thumb print is. Using white paint add  a face (one finger print) to the top of the fingers. A little more red on the top for the fire hats and a blue line across the fingers makes the hose. And there you have it, a five-alarm fire print! … [Read more...]

Handprint Fireworks

Yes, it's time to start thinking 4th of July.  After all, it's only a little over 2 weeks away!  Where has this summer gone already?! Tottie and I started our 4th of July crafts by making hand print fireworks.  She had a ton of fun making them and I had fun watching her do it! She can't wait to see the real fireworks now! To make your own hand print fireworks, you'll need: Black construction paper Finger paints Glitter (optional) Glitter glue (optional) Paint brushes Start by having your child paint their hand however they want.  We used red, white, and blue because it's patriotic but you can use whatever colors you want.  Fireworks come in all kinds of colors.  Just have fun! Then help press your child's hand onto the black paper.  Make sure to keep the fingers spread because that's the "squiggles" of the fireworks. Once you have a bunch of hand prints and finger prints on the paper, and before the paint is dry, sprinkle glitter over the hand … [Read more...]

Hand Print Sunflowers

Ready for a super easy, super cute, super fun craft? Hand Print Sunflowers! Here is what you will need: a small paper plate yellow construction paper green construction paper brown construction paper (or a brown marker) sunflower seeds glue scissors Have your child trace their hand (or help them if they are too young) on the yellow construction paper and make 5-6 different tracings. Help your child cut each hand out carefully. Glue (or tape) each hand to the back of the plate leaving a little space for the stem. Glue or tape a green strip of construction paper to the base, this will serve as the stem of the sunflower. Next flip the plate over and color in the plate with a brown marker or cut a circle of brown construction paper to fit on the inside of the plate. Smear glue all over the brown part of the plate and sprinkle sunflower seeds all over. And now you have an adorable Sunflower to add to your collection! … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Handprints

This is one of my all time favorite projects I have done with my kids. It just so happens to be an all time favorite Christmas present too! It's really easy and turns out just adorably! Here is what you will need: 1 piece of white paper (large) (or a canvas-which is what I used- you can get them for pretty cheap) Green, yellow and brown paint 1 kid willing to get ooey and gooey Paint your child's hand with the green paint- make one row of 4 hand prints Next paint your child's hand again and make a row of 3 hand prints Then make a row of 2 hand prints on top of that Lastly, 1 hand print on the very top Use the brown paint to make a stump and the yellow to make a star on the top. (Have your child autograph the tree with the year to mark the date) These make GREAT presents and they are always adored by grandparents. While making the tree I thought to myself....hmmm, what if I traced a circle really lightly in pencil and did the same thing? Ta-da! A pretty and … [Read more...]