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Halloween Witch’s Brew Necklace

My youngest daughter's birthday is at the end of the month. Because her birthday is so close to Halloween, she's having a Halloween themed party. It's hard to come up with unique ideas but this year I think I've come up with the perfect activity/craft that also serves as a party favor... a Halloween witch's brew necklace! I told my daughter that we were going to make a "potion necklace" for her birthday but I didn't exactly tell her what the potion would do. I made an example of what the necklace would look like and she loved it! A bottle of "Slime of a Frog" and "Unicorn Dander". But that wasn't the end... I had her uncork both bottles and pour the "Slime of a Frog" into the "Unicorn Dander". I wish I would have gotten her and her sister's reaction on video! They thought it was "so cool!". I can't wait for the birthday party guests to make and then use this Halloween Witch's Brew Necklace! I hope their reaction is as fun as my daughters'. In … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Slap Bracelet

I don't know about your kids but my girls love slap bracelets. I too, loved them as a kid and still think they are fun now. Today I'm going to show you how to make your own slap bracelet using three simple things: duct tape, a measuring tape, and scissors. For those of you who can not watch the video, I will type out directions under the video. Cut your measuring tape Using your scissors, cut a 6-7 inch piece of measuring tape. You'll have to cut off the end of the tape before cutting a 6 inch piece for your slap bracelet. Duct tape the end you cut off and the cut end together so you do not lose your tape inside the casing. Round the edges of your measuring tape. Round the corners of your measuring tape piece just a bit using your scissors. This prevents you and the person wearing the slap bracelet from getting cut on a sharp edge. Curl your measuring tape. Curl your measuring tape toward the plain side. Curl it as tight as you can without actually bending it. It helps … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Seed Paper

My mom is cardmaker/stamper. She has supplies galore in my sister's old bedroom which she has turned into her "office". My girls love to dig in her materials when they visit her house. Often times they make cards of their own for friends and family. This past week when the girls and I went to my parents' house, my mom decided to do something different. She helped them make seed paper. If you aren't familiar with seed paper, it is just what it sounds like. Paper with seeds it in. You plant the paper, it dissolves in the dirt, and the seeds grow into plants. The process of making the paper can be a bit messy but the Nutty and Tottie thought it was a ton of fun and can't wait to do it again as soon as I buy my own supplies. To make seed paper with your kids, you'll need a few paper making supplies. You don't have to have anything super special. My mom put together her own "kit" with things she had laying around. A frame the size you want your paper to be (a cheap picture frame … [Read more...]

Alphabet cards

Some of you may remember my post about my aunt being creative and thoughtful. She made my three older kiddos these great song flash cards! Since my youngest is only 18months she knew that those song cards wouldn't really "work for him. She made him a set of alphabet flash cards! Such a fun and creative idea! All you need is: a ring, paper and a little creativity. Here are some suggestions for letters so that you don't have to do much work: A- apple, aardvark, armadillo, astronaut B- banana, bell, blue, bear C- cat, caterpillar, crayon, coin D- dinosaur, dog, dart, dove E- elephant, ear, eye, earth F- frog, frown, fairy, feather G- green, grapes, grass, gopher H- horse, happy, Halloween, I- igloo, ice cream, iguana J- jelly bean, jellyfish, jigsaw, jacks, jacket K- kite, kitten, key, kangaroo, king L- lion, lemon, lizard, leaf M- monkey, medal, mirror, moon N- needle, nail, notebook, nest O- octopus, otter, orange, olive P- panda, penguin, pink, purple, pan Q- quilt, … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Kites

We've had some beautiful spring days over the past few weeks. My girls have seen some kites flying around during these nice days and have expressed some interest in having a kite of their own. I decided that now was the time to make a kite with them that might actually fly. We've made kites in the past...small ones of computer paper, straws, and ribbon. None big enough to attempt to actually fly...until now...  To make a kite of your own you'll need: Newspaper Some kind of string or ribbon Glue Straight sticks about 2-3 feet long Step 1)  Look for sticks.  We found a jackpot on a fallen tree branch in our neighbor's yard! Step 2)  Use your string to tie the sticks into a cross.  You'll want the horizontal stick to be slightly shorter than the vertical stick. Step 3)  String your string around the sticks.  You may have to cut small notches in the end of the sticks to help the string stay in place. Step 4)  Unfold your newspaper and cut a pattern to match … [Read more...]

Make your own play make-up

Play make-up....you know your girls want it. It's kind of ridiculously expensive and to be honest it's just junk. I feel like the stuff is REALLY hard to wash off too! I made my daughter her own set of make-up the other day and I thought I'd share it with you. Here is what you will need: empty make-up containers nail polish Wash out the empty make-up containers and dry them well. (If you don't have any empty ones you are willing to share then you can always go to the dollar store and buy some there and empty them out.) Choose the colors of nail polish you wish to use. I chose a cream for the "foundation," a rose color for the "blush," and some vivid greens for "eye shadow." Shake your nail polish really well and let set for a minute to allow the air bubbles to rise. Then, carefully pour the selected color into the container of your choosing. Ignore the blurry quality of this photo- I should have taken more than one shot- oops Set them up and away from … [Read more...]