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Make Your Own Slap Bracelet

I don’t know about your kids but my girls love slap bracelets. I too, loved them as a kid and still think they are fun now. Today I’m going to show you how to make your own slap bracelet using three simple things: duct tape, a measuring tape, and scissors.

make your own slap bracelet

For those of you who can not watch the video, I will type out directions under the video.

Cut your measuring tape

Using your scissors, cut a 6-7 inch piece of measuring tape. You’ll have to cut off the end of the tape before cutting a 6 inch piece for your slap bracelet. Duct tape the end you cut off and the cut end together so you do not lose your tape inside the casing.

Round the edges of your measuring tape.

Round the corners of your measuring tape piece just a bit using your scissors. This prevents you and the person wearing the slap bracelet from getting cut on a sharp edge.

Curl your measuring tape.

Curl your measuring tape toward the plain side. Curl it as tight as you can without actually bending it. It helps to bend it back on itself to make it curl. Remember though, don’t fold it.

Cut your Duct Tape.

Your Duct Tape should be just slightly longer than your measuring tape piece.

Apply the Duct Tape to the measuring tape.

Put your measuring tape in the center of the Duct Tape number side down. Then fold the Duct Tape over the plain side of the measuring tape. The Duct Tape will not cover the entire piece of measuring tape.

Finish the slap bracelet

Cut another piece of Duct Tape just slightly shorter than the measuring tape piece. Tear the tape in half lenght wise. Fold over any hanging tape edges on your measuring tape toward the plain side. Cover the folded piece and the center of the measuring tape with the half-piece of Duct Tape.

You’re done! You can now make your own slap bracelet! If the directions confuse you, try to watch the video.