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Samsung’s New Products at Verizon Wireless

A few weeks ago Verizon Wireless invited me to an event at their destination store at the Mall of America to check out the Samsung Galaxy S7 smart phone, the Samsung Gear VR, and the Samsung Gear S2 smart watch. I’m not a fan of attending events at Verizon’s destination store because I always leave wanting to buy everything I’m shown. Remember the Tech Byte Lunch? After that event I ended up buying a GizmoGadget for my girls. After this event I’m determined to get a Gear S2 for myself!

Samsung Gear S2Yes, I realize I put the watch on upside down ­čÖé

Speaking of the Samsung Gear S2, I am in love with this smart watch! It’s not big and bulky and it doesn’t look like a smart watch if you don’t want it to. It’s seriously an entire phone in a watch plus it has an activity and heart rate monitor and water and coffee tracking too. It’s personalizable with custom watch faces and interchangeable bands. Leave your phone at home because the Gear S2 has 3G connectivity which allows you to┬ámake calls, find directions, and check and respond to text messages right from your wrist. It’s most compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones but can be used with other Andriod phones too.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Want a Samsung Galaxy smart phone? Then I highly recommend the Samsung Galaxy S7. I currently have the S6 and I love it but the S7 is noticeably better. It’s water resistant┬áin up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. We took a selfie with the Galaxy S7 in a fish tank full of water! The screen is crisper than my current phone and the camera is awesome to say the least. Though the mega pixles went down just a bit (16 to 12), the features went up. No more bad low-light photos with the S7’s new low-light sensor and front selfie flash! The battery on the S7 charges fast and lasts longer than previous versions too.

Samsung Gear VR

What’s the perfect companion to the Galaxy S7? The Samsung Gear VR! My girls were on spring break so I drug them to the Verizon event. They were not disappointed that they joined me. Trying the Gear VR was the highlight of their week! I played a fishing game and saw some sights around the world, the girls went swimming with sharks! Tottie said it was so real she actually got a bit scared! Nutty begged me to buy the VR on the spot! Compatible with select Samsung phones, the Gear VR allows you to watch hundreds of movies and TV shows from Oculus Video, watch Netflix in a new way, play immersive 3D games, and enjoy amazing 360┬░ virtual adventures. At a price of only $99.99, it’s a mini vacation without the huge price tag.

I’d love to have the Galaxy S7 smart phone but since I just upgraded to the S6 less than 9 months ago I’m gonna have to wait. If the S7 is so much better than the S6, I can’t wait to see what future versions have! The Gear VR seems like fun for my family but the Gear S2 watch is more practical for me. Time to save up my money!