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aMAZEing Valentines

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I love homemade Valentines. My girls have done Fortune Teller Valentines and Kool-Aid Valentines among others. This year we’re doing Slap Bracelet Valentines and these Maze Valentines.

Maze Valentine

Maze Valentines are nothing new. In searching the internet, we’ve never found one we really like though. Most we found, you need to attach an actual, small plastic maze to or, if the maze is printed on, it is cheesy. I decided to make my own for the girls.

These took a lot longer to make than expected but we think they are well worth it. There are three different Maze Valentines and each one has a different maze. Just because your friend with the pink Valentine solved their maze, doesn’t mean your friend with the purple one can copy it and solve their maze! Fun huh?

Maze Valentine

Click on the photo above to download and print these aMAZEing Valentines for your kids. They won’t be disappointed!