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Top Apps for Moms

Today I'm excited to have Rebekah from My Circus, My Monkeys guest blogging. Rebekah has done her research and come up with the top apps for moms to help make life easier. I've heard of some of these but not others. I can't wait to check all of them out!... Moms’ lives are busier than ever these days. Apps can help you keep track of your calendars, plan your meals and even save money. Here are the top apps that all moms should have on their phones. Organization: Cozi - This app keeps track of all your schedules and calendars. It is able to sync across all phones and mobile devices, so all members of the family will know what is going on. Evernote - Need to make a note of an extra soccer practice? Evernote is great because it syncs with a desktop or laptop, so you can take notes while at work or on the computer and have them readily available later on your phone. Meal Planning: AllRecipes - The best part about the AllRecipes app is the dinner spinner. Simply enter … [Read more...]

Fantastic Trip Destination With Kids In Paris

This is a guest post. Views and opinions do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Toys In The Dryer authors. Images by Moyan Brenn used on the Creative Commons license. It's impossible not to fall in love with Paris, a European city that's rich in history, adorned with beautiful architecture, alive with green spaces and home to world-famous cuisine. With some of the best art galleries and museums in the world, many a cultural day can be spent visiting these institutions. Adults won't even notice the time pass by but there are only so many Monet paintings your kids can look at before getting a little bit bored. Take a look at these great ideas about how to spend time with the kids on trips to Paris. Parks aplenty... The parks of Paris don't only look the part, they play an integral part to the feel good atmosphere of the city. The Jardin de Luxembourg is a great spot for taking a picnic and sitting on the grass or even pulling up a few chairs that are … [Read more...]

Brush up on Family Safety During National Preparedness Month

Preparing your family for natural disasters is the only way to increase their chance of survival and lessen their chance of injury when disaster strikes. No corner of the world is too remote to be touched by nature's fury, be it earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, typhoons, blizzards, tornadoes or floods. And so the U.S. government has declared September “National Preparedness Month”, urging families and communities across the country to take the opportunity to learn how to survive in worst case scenarios. We in the Twin Cities area know all too well how suddenly and severely natural disasters can strike. We're no strangers to dangerous tornadoes and floods, and have had our fair share of debilitating snowfalls. (Photo credit: Justin Hobson) Children are particularly at risk of injury or death in natural disasters. Without a firm family plan in place, they can wander straight into the path of danger, often by returning to damaged yet familiar buildings like home or school. … [Read more...]

4 Simple Springtime Party Recipes, 6 Ingredients or Less

Re-posted with permission from SuperMoms360° Spring is coming and so are the critters! Just in time for the change in season, we have some simple, super party recipes that are perfect for classroom celebrations, garden parties or just to add some happiness to your kids' day. These colorful creatures are filled with personality and best of all, can be made with only 6 ingredients or less! Donut Hole Hedgehogs Out of all the ones listed in this post, these are my favorites. The delightfully darling hedgehogs are adorable and are a simple, sweet treat to serve at your next garden party or springtime celebration. Click for Recipe   Caterpillar Kabobs These easy-to-make and healthy to eat treats will be a hit with moms and kids. Use red grapes for different colored or stripped caterpillars! Click for Recipe     Chicks on Sticks It wouldn’t be springtime without some cheeky chicks. These fun marshmallow pops can be made in minutes and double as a darling … [Read more...]

Budget-Friendly Summer Activities For Kids–Camp Alternatives #Spon

Summer is almost over but many kids are still packing their bags to attend overnight camps.  According to the American Camp Association, the average cost of one week at overnight camp is $690. If you don’t want to pay the high price tag of a summer camp, there are plenty of camp alternatives that won’t empty your wallet. Read on to discover six budget-friendly summer activities for kids. Sign kids up for a reading program. This is an especially good summer activity for kids who are just learning to read. Find out what programs your local library offers, and sign up your little ones. It’s a great way to keep kids busy for a few hours each day. Start your own “camp.” It will require a bit of coordination and planning, but the closest camp alternative is creating your own “camp program.” Decide which parent will be hosting “camp” each day of the week and make a list of activities for each “session.” If you will be driving the group of campers, make sure everyone in your vehicle is … [Read more...]

10 Questions Bloggers Should Ask Themselves Before Working With Brands

We guest posted over at The SITS Girls Blog today about working with brands.  We'd love for you to show our guest post some love! 10 Questions Blogger Should Ask Themselves Before Working With Brands … [Read more...]