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Catapult Painting

This post is sponsored by Tum-E Yummies® fruit flavored drinks however all opinions are my own.

A few weeks ago the girls and I were supposed to run in the Color Vibe™ race sponsored by Tum-E Yummies®. However, last minute I discovered that there was a miscommunication with my scheduler at work and I did not get the day off. I was so bummed (as were the girls). Tum-E Yummies® asked me if I had another way to “color my world” besides the race. Of course! We LOVE colorful arts and crafts around here and catapult painting is a definite way to color things up a bit.

catapult painting

To paint with a catapult, you’ll first need to make a catapult. Directions to make a simple one like in the photo above can be found under our popsicle stick catapult post.

catapult painting

Next you’ll need some paint and cotton balls. Hint: water color paints are easy to clean up and this craft can get messy colorful! We diluted out some thicker water color paints thus you see stir sticks in our containers.

catapult painting

Get your cotton ball wet in the paint then catapult it onto the paper. Depending on how heavy with paint your cotton ball is, it will go pretty far or it will just flop right down onto the paper. It’s fun to experiment with it!

2014-08-21 13.05.35

After Tottie got a bit tired of the catapult, she tried just dropping the paint filled cotton balls onto the paper. This made an awesome picture too!

catapult painting

Last but not least, we tried filling up our catapult top with straight paint vs a cotton ball with paint. I didn’t get any photos of this because I thought we were done and had already put my camera away. Let me tell you though, it was super fun to see the paint fly everywhere and it certainly left my driveway colorful!

catapult painting

Hard to tell in the photo but Tottie’s hands (and legs) were full of paint after this craft was done. Talk about coloring our world!

When all was cleaned up, we went inside and drank some Tum-E Yummies®. I’m not lying for the sake of this post. We really DID go in and drink some because it was hot outside the day we did this.

Sudden random thought…Tum-E Yummies® is a colorful drink. I wonder if it would work as paint…nah…why waste a good drink!

Tum-E Yummies Logo

How do you color your world?