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Bubble Airplane Valentines

Ok, I admit it, I found these cute airplane valentines on Pinterest. The site, however, was not in English. I had every intention of copying the Valentines into an English tutorial using Life Savers candy instead of the candy this person used. Of course I would credit the original site. But then I went to the store to find Life Savers…Instead I found bubbles and Bubble Airplane Valentines were born…

Bubble Airplane Valentines

My bubble airplane valentines are similar to the valentines I found on Pinterest but in my opinion, these are a little more versatile. Why? Because you can print the writing on either side of patterned paper or on plain paper. You can also use blue toned bubbles and paper to make them more boy-ish. Bubbles are better than candy because you don’t have to worry about allergies!

1) Click on the photos below to download them.

2) Print the wings on whatever paper you want, on the patterned side or plain side.

3) Print the banners on paper.

4) Cut the slits on the wing so that you can thread the bubbles through.

5) Use hot glue to attach the banner with a piece of ribbon to the bubbles.

There you have it…bubble airplane valentines!

bubble airplane valentinebubble airplane valentine