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Halloween Fingerprint Art

Our Fingerprint Art post was so popular we thought we'd share a few more just in time for Halloween. First up are our two sneaky witches. All you need is a green thumbprint topped with a green fingerprint. Wait for those to dry and add your details! Don't forget that witches like brooms and always have pointy noses, he he he! Mr Bones- He's easy to make! Choose any color you wish (I liked the bright orange) and make his torso with your thumb. Add the skeleton shaped face with a horizontal fingerprint followed by a vertical fingerprint. Wait for Mr. Bones to dry and add details to him to finish him off. Frank the Frankenstein Using a blue ink dip your thumb in and make your body. Use your thumb again in green for the head. Use your pinky finger for the arms and legs of Frank. Add a few details: a stitch on the forehead and some bolts for his head too! Monsters- Monsters are fun because you can make them any way you want. I chose to make a blue and red one. Add funny features to … [Read more...]

Pasta Skeleton Craft – Pinned it, Did it!

When I saw this skeleton idea on Pinterest I just knew I had to do it with my girls.  What a fun way to teach them about the bones of the body and celebrate Halloween! I did some Googling and figured out you could be as crazy detailed as you want, or as simple as you want.  We chose to be fairly simple but Nutty wanted a little more detail than Tottie did. To make your own pasta skeleton you'll need: Different kinds of pasta Paper Glue That's it!  I'd tell you the exact kinds of pasta you need but that is really dependent on how detailed you want to get.  We used Penne, small elbow, medium shells, and thin spaghetti. Both girls had fun making these skeletons and Nutty had fun "adding more bones" than Tottie had.  She learned about the tibia, fibula, ulna, and radius that Tottie did not put in her skeleton. All-in-all I'd say that this Pinned it, Did it! was a success as it got my girls interested in learning more about our bones. What have you made with … [Read more...]

Easy Spiderweb Making

We don't have a lot of store-bought Halloween decorations for our house because we prefer to make them. Here's an easy, fun, and occasionally messy way to make spiderwebs for decoration! To make them you'll need: White yarn (or black if you want to make your spiderweb shadowy) Simple flour and water paste (mix four and water together to make a paste) Paper Pen Wax paper Scissors Start by drawing a spiderweb on your paper.  We made ours a corner spiderweb but you can make a full round one.  Yes, I realize that I drew my lines wrong above.  We figured that our half-way through making our web!  If your children are a little older, you probably do not need to draw a spiderweb first. Cover your paper with wax paper to prevent sticking when you glue it together. Dip pieces of yarn into your paste mixture and put them on the wax paper following the lines you drew.  Make sure to press together the places where your yarn meets. Wait till your spider web … [Read more...]

Cotton Swab Skeletons–Pinned it, Did it!

I saw this pin on Pinterest and could not resist.  What a perfect craft for Halloween and we had everything on hand! We used: Cotton swabs (or as Tottie calls them--"ear waxers" Glue Wax paper (to prevent glue from getting all over the table Unfortunately, the photo in the pin did not link back to a website for directions so we had to guess how to make it.  Not too complicated though, we simply followed the photo... This craft was a little more difficult than I thought it was going to be.  Getting cotton swabs to stick together with glue is not as easy as it looks! Cutting the cotton swabs was fun though!  They are hard to cut (at least ours were) so when we snipped them, the small end flew across the kitchen!  Tottie thought it was funny! Hint:  Make sure to let your skeleton dry completely before you try moving him!  He's fragile and can easily come unglued! Our skeleton vs. their skeletons. We only made one because Tottie got frustrated and I didn't want … [Read more...]

Toilet paper pumpkin

Here's a super easy and super cheap festive craft for this time of the year, and one pretty much anyone can help with. Here is what you need: 1 roll of toilet paper 1 sheet of orange tissue paper 1 sheet of black tissue paper (or a black marker) scissors glue or clear nail polish a green bow Roll your toilet paper (I must interject- I can't stand when people try to be polite and call it "bathroom tissue" lets be honest it's nothing but toilet paper) with the orange tissue paper Tuck the ends of the tissue paper into the ends of the toilet paper Attach the green bow to the top of the toilet paper Cut out and attach eyes, nose, and mouth (of your liking) Taaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaaa! A toilet paper pumpkin! … [Read more...]