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Halloween Fingerprint Art

Halloween, Fingerprint, Fingerprint Art, Halloween ArtOur Fingerprint Art post was so popular we thought we’d share a few more just in time for Halloween. First up are our two sneaky witches. All you need is a green thumbprint topped with a green fingerprint. Wait for those to dry and add your details! Don’t forget that witches like brooms and always have pointy noses, he he he!


Mr Bones- He’s easy to make! Choose any color you wish (I liked the bright orange) and make his torso with your thumb. Add the skeleton shaped face with a horizontal fingerprint followed by a vertical fingerprint. Wait for Mr. Bones to dry and add details to him to finish him off.

http://www.threeriversparks.org/events/Groups/summer-camps.aspxFrank the Frankenstein Using a blue ink dip your thumb in and make your body. Use your thumb again in green for the head. Use your pinky finger for the arms and legs of Frank. Add a few details: a stitch on the forehead and some bolts for his head too!

Fingerprint  Art, Halloween Finger print art, Halloween craftsMonsters- Monsters are fun because you can make them any way you want. I chose to make a blue and red one. Add funny features to make them unique and your own.

Fingerprint  Art, Halloween Finger print art, Halloween craftsSpooky Bat- A simple purple fingerprint is all you need for this guy! Add wings, face details and some fangs to make him extra spooky!

Fingerprint  Art, Halloween Finger print art, Halloween craftsCreepy Spider- This creepy spider is another easy one to make. Only problem is you have to remember that spiders have eight legs….after making this my oldest son pointed out to me that I had only put six legs on the guy! Ooops…so I went in and added two more.

Fingerprint  Art, Halloween Finger print art, Halloween craftsA festive pumpkin- A simple orange thumbprint, some green for the top and a black marker for the face and you’ve got it!