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10 Fall Treats, Activities, and Crafts for Kids

Toys In The Dryer turned 3 at the beginning of the month. This got me thinking that there a ton of posts that have been forgotten as new posts have taken their place over the years. It's time to bring back some of my favorite fall treats, activities, and crafts for kids that we have posted over the last 3 years.   Fall Leaf Fairies - Make cute fairy pictures from fallen leaves and twigs. These hung in our kitchen for weeks! Candy Corn Pudding Treats - There's nothing special about the flavor per se, it's more so the idea that it looks like candy corn.   Acorn Races - Since Lindsi introduced this fun, easy activity to my family three years ago, we've been doing it every fall! Each year gets a little more crazy! Leaf Drawing - I did this all the time as a kid. Now my kids do it!     Crock Pot Applesauce - Perfect for all those apples you've picked at the apple orchard! Leaf Animals - Similar to the leaf fairies, my girls had a ton of fun making … [Read more...]

Fall Leaf Fairies

The leaves are falling in full force around here and now is the perfect time to do some crafts with them.  Last year we showed you how to make leaf animals and a few weeks ago we showed you how to make flower fairies.  Today we combine those two concepts to make fall leaf fairies. These are super easy to make and require very little supplies: Leaves of various shapes and sizes Small twigs Paper Glue Marker and scissors optional Yup, that's it! To make the fairies simply choose leaves to make a body, face, and wings. Hair, crowns, and other things are optional. Use the twigs to make arms and legs. Glue everything in place on your paper and you're done! Even super little kids can make these fairies. The most fun part is finding leaves that you think will work. What types of things have you made with leaves? … [Read more...]

Leaf Animals–Pinned it, Did it!

It's Friday which mean's another Pinned it, Did it! post!  This pin totally caught my eye and I decided that Tottie could easily do it!  She is only 4 so she needed some direction as to where to put the leaves but she had a ton of fun watching her moose come together on paper! You'll need to gather some leaves of various shapes and sizes.  We simply looked at the photo from the pin and tried to find leaves that matched.  It was good lesson in leaves and matching for Tottie. Then just glue the leaves like they are in the picture!  The website that the pin came from has many other leaf animals on it so I highly suggest you go check it out and try some other ones with your kids! Not bad for a 4 year old huh? … [Read more...]

Apple Painting

If you've been apple picking this fall, you probably have more apples than you know what to do with (unless you are a really good baker and can make super good apple pie or your own apple sauce).  Let's turn those apples into some super fun crafts like apple painting! My daughter and her friend had a ton of fun painting with apples and there are a few different ways you can do it.  Any way you decide, you'll need: Apples Paper Paints Toothpicks Paper towels A small towel Small cookie cutters (optional) Gummy worms (optional) Leaves (optional) Step 1)  Cut your apples in half.  If you cut the apples vertically, they will come out looking like an apple.  If you cut the apples horizontally,  They will come out looking round but with a star in the middle.  Take the seeds out and set them aside for later. Optional step:  Use cookie cutters to press shapes into the apples.  (See the green apple above)  You won't be able to cut out the shapes, but they will … [Read more...]

Book Pumpkin- Pinned It, Did It

Last year I saw, in a great magazine, the steps needed to make adorable Christmas trees out of old paperback books. I made about 3 or 4 of them and made sure they were different sizes too! I had such a blast making them and my kids like them too. This year when Fall came around (well, here at least) I found the best idea yet! Pumpkins made out of old paperback books! I just love it when I get to reuse something, or try a new twist on something. This pin made me run to my stack of old books and grab the necessary tools to make one for my fall decor. My oldest son really enjoyed watching me make it. It was pretty funny to hear him say after each piece "ooooh, a little closer mama!" Easy enough! All you need is a little pumpkin half shaped piece of paper and a craft knife or razor blade. Wanna know why I am showing you scissors? Pay attention to the later photos. Trace your half pumpkin shape on the first and last page of the book. Cut around 5-8 pages at a time, no more or your … [Read more...]

Fall Sun Spiral

My girls love anything you can hang from trees.  They love wind chimes, sun catchers, and wind socks.  Tottie and I had some time together this morning before preschool so I thought it would be fun to make a fall sun spiral with her.  When it was finished and hanging on the tree, she was so excited to watch it twirl around and catch the light! To make your own fall sun spiral you need: Clear contact paper (2 pieces, equal sizes) Small leaves you find on the ground Glitter Any other flat, small decorations you may want (we used foam shapes) Sharpie Scissors 1) You'll start by drawing a spiral on one piece of your contact paper.  Make sure it is on the contact paper side and not the backing side.  Also make sure your lines are wide enough apart to fit your leaves in between them and have a bit of room left. 2) Next, peal the backing off the contact paper and add the leaves, glitter, and other decorations to the sticky side.  Make sure to keep the decorations … [Read more...]