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Free Thanksgiving Printables

Now that my birthday, Tottie’s birthday, and Halloween are over, it’s time to start thinking about the next round of celebrations with free Thanksgiving printables! Yes, Thanksgiving is less than one month away, which means that Christmas is right around the corner! One holiday at a time though, right?

In the past we’ve brought you 4 Thanksgiving activities to do with adults and kids, 4 more Thanksgiving activities, and 5 unique Thanksgiving crafts, we understand, however, that sometimes you just need to keep the kids quiet. That’s why, this year, we’re giving you free Thanksgiving printables to keep your kids quiet, yet entertained.

Free Thanksgiving Printables

free Thanksgiving printables


Click on the photos above to download and print.

Though the two printables look very similar, the first is meant for younger kids who can’t spell, while the second is meant for those who can spell. We made them similar so that the kids don’t fight over who’s printable is better. (I know my girls would fight over it!)

Enjoy these free Thanksgiving printables and we hope they make your day a little more fun and easier.

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