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Budget-Friendly Summer Activities For Kids–Camp Alternatives #Spon

summer activitiesSummer is almost over but many kids are still packing their bags to attend overnight camps.  According to the American Camp Association, the average cost of one week at overnight camp is $690. If you don’t want to pay the high price tag of a summer camp, there are plenty of camp alternatives that won’t empty your wallet. Read on to discover six budget-friendly summer activities for kids.

Sign kids up for a reading program.

This is an especially good summer activity for kids who are just learning to read. Find out what programs your local library offers, and sign up your little ones. It’s a great way to keep kids busy for a few hours each day.

Start your own “camp.”

It will require a bit of coordination and planning, but the closest camp alternative is creating your own “camp program.” Decide which parent will be hosting “camp” each day of the week and make a list of activities for each “session.” If you will be driving the group of campers, make sure everyone in your vehicle is protected with car insurance. You can review online car insurance policies and find affordable auto quotes to fit your budget.

Visit museums.

Plan a weekly or monthly museum visit – many museums are free or have reduced fees on certain days during the week. Look for places with interactive exhibits for children. Whether you go to a science center or check out dinosaur bones at a natural history museum, the visit can be educational and fun for the whole family.

Research local programming.

Many cities have special summer programming, such as free movie nights, concerts or festivals. Read your local newspaper and check online to see what events are coming up in your area. If you find something interesting, consider incorporating it into your “camp” schedule with participating parents and kids.

Plan a pool day.

Spend a relaxing day at the nearest public or community pool to enjoy summer’s warm weather. The one-day entrance fees are usually pretty low, and your kids will get to cool off and play with other children. Or, if you live near a lake or ocean, head to a public beach to enjoy a free day of summer fun.

Spend time with nature.

Pack up the car and head to a park for the day. You can have a picnic, explore the trails or even go fishing. Plus, many parks have recreational areas that children can enjoy, like playgrounds, volleyball courts and baseball fields.

Whether you decide to take your kids to a nearby museum or spend a day at a park, these camp alternatives will keep them busy without emptying your wallet. And while these summer activities for kids are budget-friendly, they can be just as fun as four weeks away at overnight camp.

Christina Miller loves to write, especially about business. She holds a B.B.A. in Marketing. Christina’s hobbies include traveling, reading and exploring new restaurants in Cleveland.

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