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Moms never get sick days

I was thinking to myself, as I wallowed in my own pity, that moms never get sick days.  When I say moms, I mean moms, Mr. moms, nannies, etc.  My darling daughter shared her cough with me this past week, and for some reason I got a hefty dose of blech with it!  Coughing up a storm, low grade fever and a totally hot and sexy raspy voice to boot.  Now, I’m not complaining because I know I have the best job in the world, but how come when I get sick the world keeps moving (and sometimes even faster than before)?  How come when my husband is sick the world seems to halt for him?

sick (03-06-08)

(photo from Sun Dazed)

Moms never get sick days!  Why is that?  Where in the job description does it say “PTO not available?”  If I could create a job description for moms, Mr moms and nannies it would say:

I am the CEO of a family, a full time maid, chef, personal assistant, nanny, gardener, nurse, vegetable pusher, taxi cab driver, teacher, interior designer, personal shopper, milk maker, book keeper, counselor, & boo-boo kisser.  My job requires long-term sacrifice, commitment, ability to change, stamina and personal communication skills.  I get no PTO (paid time off) when I am tired, crabby, sick or overwhelmed.  I do not get to accrue vacation time either.  I have the BEST job in the world, I am a MOM!

Is it 8pm yet?  I wanna go to bed!

Oh and just because I can….a top 5 of things not to say to a sick mom, Mr. mom or nanny:

5.  I have been thinking of you.  (How about instead of thinking of me, you call me up and give me a little break?)
4.  Hang in there.  (Really? Seriously? What else do you expect me to do?)
3.  You’re so lucky, you get to stay in bed all day.  (Personally I think this comment is deserved of a slap, but that’s just my opinion)
2.  You’re sick, ugh I have the worst headache.  (It’s not a competition…and I don’t care)
1.  Well you look great!  (Nice try, I know I have no make-up on, I’m pale as a ghost, my breath stinks, and I have on the same pajamas I have been wearing all week)

How do you survive your “sick days”?


  1. AMEN!!! I have been fighting a cold for over a month now…it comes and goes depending on how much rest I get the day before…Why is it that Moms are the only ones that cant say, I don’t feel good enough to do that? LOL BTW how I deal…just do…sometimes taking short cat naps on the couch in between cries, screams, or “needs”