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Frozen Bubbles

We’ve had a cold winter this year in Minnesota. Though most of the time we keep our kids indoors when the weather is well below freezing, there are times when sub 0°F can be a lot of fun!

frozen bubbles

Take bubbles for example…they are a summertime or indoor activity, correct?  No!  Take them outside when it’s below freezing and watch what happens!

frozen bubbles 4
The colder the temp outside the faster the magic happens, however, don’t go outside when it’s too cold or you won’t be able to do it for long. Also a bit of a hint, make sure it’s pretty calm outside. Any breeze and your bubbles will fly away before you get to play with them.

frozen bubbles 2

Don’t have bubble solution or a bubble wand? No problem! Make the solution out of dish soap and water. Use a straw as a wand.

frozen bubbles 3

Experiment by blowing a bubble, letting it freeze, then taking it inside. What happens?

Freezing bubbles was a ton of fun with my girls and I’m sure your kids will have just as much fun!


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