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Finding More Of Myself

Many people have been asking me how I am doing on the journey to find myself since I posted my first post almost three weeks ago. I thought it was about time for an update.

Jamie Heil

My attitude has improved. I guess I really did just need to “suck it up” as my Hubby says. Ok, maybe other things played into my attitude change too. I’ve been diligently taking my vitamin D as my doctor recommended, I’ve been making a conscious effort to be more positive, and I’ve been making a conscious effort to be more active. It’s amazing how much better you feel when you just get up and do something.

I haven’t lost any weight yet. In fact, I think I gained a pound or two while I was camping last week. Am I disappointed? A little. Am I beating myself up over it. No. Change takes time and I know that.

My Fitbit remains on my arm at all times and I am learning a ton from it. In combination with MyFitnessPal I am gaining insight into my bad habits affecting my weight. Ugh, I REALLY need to work on my carb vs protein intake! I’ve been doing a little exercising at home but once I get back from being at my parent’s house this week I’m heading back to the gym.

I took a week and a half off from this blog and it did me a world of good. Not only did it give me some much needed time with my family, it also helped me with my burn-out, made me realize that I still get page views even if I don’t post three times a week, and I CAN survive without having to constantly be in the social media loop. Don’t worry, I’m not quitting, just taking a new perspective on how much time I really need to spend online.

My family and I are happier in the past three weeks than we have been in a while. My attitude affects the whole family and changing myself changes them. I think I’m gonna keep this whole thing up!

If you’d like to help support me you can find me as jamieah on MyFitnessPal and through my url on Fitbit.

P.S. A few people (including my mom) thought I was wearing underware in my first post. I was wearing a SWIMSUIT! Come on people, this is a family friendly blog! Even if it weren’t, I’m not posting photos of myself in underware on the internet!


  1. I think your doing great! It is hard to stay positive all the time. I need to work on that too. I would love to try out a fitbit – they seem like they would help.

  2. I really do think attitude is everything! Sounds like you are on the right path! Keep it up!

  3. Kudos on the positive attitude! I hope that you keep working towards your goals.

  4. I’ve been on the same journey to find myself. It’s hard, right? Good going, and you’ve reminded me to go charge my fitbit, right now!

  5. Good for you! I’m so glad you’re feeling better!

  6. Keep it up, sweetheart!

  7. You are doing great. Stay positive and best of luck to you!!!

  8. Sounds like you are on the right track, keep it up!

  9. So glad to hear you are doing better, and feeling better about things in general. Don’t sweat the fact that you haven’t lost yet. I am sure that will come soon enough!

  10. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better! I know I always feel better when I’ve been active, I just can never find the time. I need to learn to make time!

  11. Getting active is such an aphrodisiac. I knew it was a swimsuit 🙂

  12. Good for you, sometimes a little time away really helps!