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DIY Large Cup Holder for Parties

My neighborhood has a block party every year.  I’ve mentioned it in my sponge ball fight post and my giant slip and slide post.  Every year after the party is over, we spend time cleaning up all the water bottles and plastic cups left sitting on the street and in people’s yards.  Last year we decided to try something that would help with our clean-up and lessen the amount of water bottles we use.

Large DIY Cup Holder

One of my neighbor’s had seen a large cup holder somewhere and asked my husband to build one for the block party.  This is how she described what she had seen…

DIY large cup holder

She described something simple with two posts and twine in between.  Well, hubby decided he would go all out and build something much better!  It took him about 4 hours to do because he made it perfectly square, rounded all the edges, and sanded the whole thing to a smooth finish.  We was going to stain it but didn’t have time.  I told him that was perfectly fine!

Large DIY Cup HolderWhile hubby was building the frame, he had the girls color the clothes pins that were used to hang the cups.  So, yup…above is how the actual cup holder turned out!  And it sits in our garage waiting for us to use it again at this year’s party (though I will bring it out for Nutty’s birthday party in two weeks too!).

DIY cup holderAnyway, the kids (and adults) DID use the cup holder during our block party and it DID cut down on water bottles and cups in the street/lawns.  It also cut down on lost cups because the kids knew where their cups were.

DIY cup holder


It was definitely worth it to have and is a great addition to all of our outdoor parties from here on out!

How do you keep track of cups and water bottles during parties?