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DIY CD Spinning “Tops”

I saw these DIY CD spinning “tops” on Pinterest a while ago and thought they’d be fun for my girls to make. Unfortunately, the pin did not lead to the site from which the photo came, so I can’t credit the original idea. My girls’ first response when I told them what we were going to do, was “um, lame mom.” I told the girls to give these tops a chance, they just might like them…

DIY CD Spinning Tops

Not only did the girls like these CD spinning tops, they each made TWO of them! You can see their reactions in the video below.

To make your own DIY CD spinning tops, you’ll need:

  • Old cds
  • bottle tops (from things such as water bottles)
  • marbles
  • paint
  • hot glue gun with glue

DIY CD spinning tops1) Start by painting one side of the CD. You can paint them however you want but bigger designs, such as chunks of color, work better.

DIY CD spinning tops

2) Once the paint is dry, glue the bottle top onto the center of the cd on the painted side.

DIY CD spinning top

3) Flip the CD over to the unpainted side and glue the marble into the center hole making sure 1/2 of the marble sticks up out of the hole.

DIY CD spinning top

4) You’re done! Have fun spinning these tops and watching your design do cool things!

We were amazed how well these DIY CD spinning “tops” worked and how long they spun for. My girls spent at least an hour playing with them after they made them and they are still playing with them a few days later!