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9 Spring Activities For Kids

We're still getting some snow showers in Minnesota but it isn't sticking around. The daytime highs have been reaching at least 50 degrees. The grass is starting to green and the trees are budding. What does that mean? It's SPRING!! Today I bring you 9 must do spring activities for kids. 1) Cloud Watching Spring is the perfect time to watch the clouds as the weather is usually unstable which means more clouds in the sky. Get educational with your kids and predict the weather based on what clouds you see. 2) Begin a garden It's still too cold to plant outside for us right now but it's not too cold to start plants inside. It's fun to start your garden from seeds! 3) Fly a kite Spring makes great kite flying weather as it's usually a bit windy due to the weather changes. Make your own kite or buy a fun one from the store. 4) Family Bike Ride You've been cooped up all winter. It's time to get outside, enjoy the sun, and get some exercise! 5) Find a bird's nest Don't disturb the … [Read more...]

4 St. Patrick’s Day treats for adults with alternatives for kids

We all know how adults like to party (ie. drink) on St. Patrick's Day. If you're anything like me and my family however, you'll be having a semi-family friendly party. I've come up with 4 treats that are sure to please the adults at your party with alternatives that the kids can eat! For the adults--Leprechaun Balls Made with both Irish Whiskey and Bailey's these little buggers can, and will make you loopy if you eat too many but boy do they look yummy! For the kids--Cake Balls Let's not make the kids loopy! These cake balls are made with lemon-lime soda and are sure to make the kids happy when they bite into them and discover they are green. For the adults--Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes Did someone say Guinness and Bailey's? Count me in! The amount of alcohol in these is minimal and most will bake off but I'd still reserve these for the adults. For the kids--Rainbow Cupcakes The kids don't have to eat these to have fun with them but I'm pretty sure they taste just … [Read more...]

Two Sisters Spa Bath Bombs

Last month a local Minnesota mom contacted me to review her homemade bath bombs. While I haven't done a review for an Etsy shop in a while, these fun bath products intrigued me. Let me tell you, I am so glad that I didn't turn down the offer. What are Two Sisters Bath Bombs? Well, have you ever done a volcano with vinegar and baking soda? It's kinda like that only for your bath! The bombs weigh 4-5 oz each and are about the size of tennis balls. You can rest assured that they are safe because they are made with sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, Epsom salts, essential oils or fragrance oils, olive oil, water-based colorants, and witch hazel. Just plop these little bath bombs in your warm tub water and watch them "explode"! My girls thought these things were (pardon the pun) "the bomb!" Not only was it fun for the girls to watch (and feel) the bombs go crazy in the tub, waiting for what was inside was "so exciting". I actually didn't tell them there was a surprise … [Read more...]

My Birthday with Verizon’s Softcard App

A gift card was provided to me by Verizon Wireless to assist me in using their product. All thoughts an opinions, however, are my own. Last Wednesday was my birthday. It was one of the best birthday's I have had in a long time. It actually started on Tuesday night when my family and I went to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe at the Mall of America. Then, Wednesday, while Hubby was at work and the girls were at school, I spent the day with a few fellow bloggers at the Mall of America having fun and going on a shopping spree with Verizon Wireless and Softcard. In the evening, my family carved pumpkins together. Food, shopping, family, and fun...what more could a girl ask for for her birthday? My day with Verizon started with a tour of Verizon's first destination store. Opened about a year ago in the Mall of America, this store is 9,715 sq ft of hands-on fun. With approximately 30,000 products, Verizon's destination store shows customers how Verizon's technology fits into every day … [Read more...]

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Celebrate the Holidays!

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