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Why I Didn’t Potty Train My Girls

I didn't potty train my girls. Yup, you read that right, I didn't potty train my girls. I don't believe in potty training. In my online mom and blogger groups people ask potty training advice all the time. I rarely pipe in with advice but when I do it's, "let your kids do it themselves." Your child's ability to go to the bathroom on the toilet is both a physical/developmental process and a mental process. Despite you and your child's greatest efforts, if your child's body is not developmentally ready to potty train, it's not going to work. I'm going to say it again, "Potty training" is a natural physical and mental development. That's why I disagree with a lot of the methods out there to help potty train children. I believe, when children are ready both mentally and physically, they will do it themselves. Here are my issues with a few potty training methods: The Timer Method This method does nothing but potty train you. Your child needs to learn his/her body cues for when to … [Read more...]

Brush up on Family Safety During National Preparedness Month

Preparing your family for natural disasters is the only way to increase their chance of survival and lessen their chance of injury when disaster strikes. No corner of the world is too remote to be touched by nature's fury, be it earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, typhoons, blizzards, tornadoes or floods. And so the U.S. government has declared September “National Preparedness Month”, urging families and communities across the country to take the opportunity to learn how to survive in worst case scenarios. We in the Twin Cities area know all too well how suddenly and severely natural disasters can strike. We're no strangers to dangerous tornadoes and floods, and have had our fair share of debilitating snowfalls. (Photo credit: Justin Hobson) Children are particularly at risk of injury or death in natural disasters. Without a firm family plan in place, they can wander straight into the path of danger, often by returning to damaged yet familiar buildings like home or school. … [Read more...]

Drowning is SILENT

I've been flat on my back sick this week. I've barely had energy to do anything but sleep and eat small amounts of food. However, while browsing Facebook this evening I saw a video by our local news channel that made me suck up some energy, and write this post. Not much has that strong of an impact on me that I get off my sick bed to do it. However, as a mother and pediatric intensive care nurse, I can not emphasize this enough: DROWNING IS SILENT. Monday is Memorial Day and the official kick-off of summer and swimming season (at least in my area). It's the perfect time to remind people that DROWNING IS SILENT. Drowning does not look like you see on TV. It is not arms flailing, yelling for help, and a bunch of coughing. A person who is in trouble in the water will bob silently up and down. They will not flail, they will not call for help. Their main goal is to keep their nose above water but they won't last long trying to do so. The person who is drowning in the water is the … [Read more...]

My 7 year old has an iPod Touch

Last evening my family headed out to the store to purchase an iPod Touch for my 7 year old. My husband and I did not, however, buy it for her. She paid for the entire thing, including the case, with her own, hard-earned money. She was so excited. Months and months of putting every penny she got into her piggy bank had finally paid off. Much to my nervousness and wanting to wait until at least 8 years old in a few months, Nutty has definitely earned the right to own an iPod of her own. She is, for the most part, a well behaved child, gets near perfect grades in school, and she has proven responsible with the other tablets and computers we have throughout the house. However, is she really old enough to have such a small, portable device of her very own? Is she going to continue to be responsible once this device leaves the house with her? So far, the rule is that she can only bring it out of the house when she goes somewhere with us. I realize that this will probably quickly change … [Read more...]

10 Tip For Traveling WITHOUT Your Kids

EEEK...there's just 27 days until I leave for Brandcation #SeasTheDay aboard Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas! I can not wait! No kids, no hubby, just a bunch of fellow bloggers like myself for an entire week! This will be the third time I have traveled without my kids since my first was born 7 years ago, and the second time I will travel internationally without them. The first time was to Kentucky for the weekend. That was hard because it was my first time away.  I left the girls in the capable hands of my husband (with help from his mom). The second time was on a Royal Caribbean cruise with Hubby this past August. That was even harder because we left our girls with grandma and grandpa and were unreachable for an entire week. This time I'm more experienced and am excited to get away. After all, sometimes we need a break! For those of my readers who don't travel without your kids, I highly suggest you do it every now and then. It's amazing how much you appreciate them … [Read more...]

Dollar Store Advent Ideas

For $24 you can create your own Advent Calendar. I have done something similar each year with my kids. Last year we purchased 24 books and wrapped them all and let them unwrap one each night. It was so much fun. This year we decided to hit up our local Dollar Store. Here are 24 ideas for creating a Dollar Store Advent. 1. Rainbow Loom bracelets are all the rage right now. Dollar stores across the country have the rubber bands! 2. Flash Cards- just because they're on vacation doesn't mean the learning has to stop! 3. Foam balls are a huge hit in our house. 4. You can never go wrong with bubbles! If it's cold enough try making some frozen bubbles. 5. Jump Rope- seriously classic toys are still the best! 6. Another classic, paddle boards. 7. Add a little sunshine to a gloomy December day! Bendable flower pens! 8. Coloring and activity books are always a hot commodity in our house. 9. Every year they come out with new Holiday and Christmas books...for a dollar a … [Read more...]