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Gross Touch Guessing Game for Halloween

Having a Halloween party this year?  You'll need some fun things to do and we've got a great game to play!  It's a gross touch guessing game. Here's what you'll need: Grapes as eyeballs--Pealed grapes make the perfect eyeballs.  Pull/break (not cut) few apart so that they can feel the inside of the eyeball too.  Add a little bit of corn syrup to the bowl to make it even more slimy/gross. Spaghetti as intestines--Cooked, room temp (thick) spaghetti noodles feel like intestines when you put your hands into them. Corn syrup as blood--A bowl full of warm corn syrup makes the perfect pool of blood. Tomatoes as hearts--Peel a tomato and it will feel like a heart in your hand. Cauliflower as a brain--Cooked cauliflower with a little corn syrup or oil over it feels like a brain. Un-popped popcorn as teeth--Nothing like putting your hand into a bowl full of "teeth." Dried apricots as ears--Add just a tiny bit of oil to slime up dried apricots and they'll feel like … [Read more...]

Magic Dancing Ghost

Tomorrow is October 1st which means it's time for a little Halloween fun!  Today's activity is magic dancing ghosts but in all reality, there's no magic behind these ghosts, there's science! It's all about static electricity. Magic dancing ghosts make the perfect science activity for kids. To make your own dancing ghosts you'll need: Toilet paper Pen or marker Black balloon (color optional) Dark room (optional) Flash light (optional) 1)  Start by drawing small ghosts on toilet paper then cutting them out. 2)  Next, blow up your balloon. 3)  Rub the balloon on anything that will create static electricity (we prefer to rub it on hair!) 4)  Hover the balloon over the toilet paper and watch it dance! For more fun, take your set-up into a dark room with a flash light. Shine the flashlight onto the ghost but avoid the black balloon. If you get it right, it will look like the ghost is floating on its own! … [Read more...]

You’ve Been Boo’d! (FREE download!)

Last October a friend at work was talking about how she had been Boo'd and how fun it was.  Been Boo'd??  What's that? She went on to tell me that someone left a plate of treats on her doorstep with a sheet of paper that said, "You've Been Boo'd!"  She then returned the favor to someone else. What's so fun and special about that?  Well, it's a ding-dong and ditch thing! Essentially, you make a plate of treats, copy the sheet of instructions and the "We've Been Boo'd"  sign, go to someone's house in your neighborhood, leave the plate and papers on the doorstep, ring the doorbell, and run! Two weeks before Halloween last year, Nutty, Tottie and I went out and Boo'd two neighbors.  My girls LOVED the ding-dong and ditch part of this!  Because we started it in our neighborhood, we did not put a "We've Been Boo'd" sign on our door right away.  We were then Boo'd by another neighbor and got to Boo two more neighbors!  My girls were so excited to do it 4 times and can't wait to … [Read more...]