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Slap Bracelet Valentines

On Monday I showed you how to make your own slap bracelets. Today we’re going to turn them into valentines!

Slap Bracelet Valentine

These slap bracelet valentines are fairly cheap (and easy) to make and won’t simply be throw away once received. You can use Duct Tape that looks Valentine-ish or choose your favorite every-day pattern. Hint though, boys won’t want to wear a girly looking slap bracelet so keep that in mind.

Click on the photos below to download and print the valentines. Print the base on colored paper of your choice and the top on white paper.

Slap Bracelet Valentine

Slap Valentine Top

Sign your name on the top circles then cut them out.

Next cut out the bases. If you don’t want to cut around all the scallops, just cut a circle around the scallops and leave them as a printed decoration.

One large piece of double-sided tape works great to put them all together. If you don’t have double-sided tape, just use two pieces of regular tape.

Slap Bracelet Valentines

How cute are these slap bracelet valentines??

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