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Scratch Off Valentines FREE Printable

Last Valentine’s season we brought you some unique Valentines such as the Valentine Fortune Teller (which my oldest daughter gave to her friends), Birch Bark Valentines, and Surprise Valentines.  This season we’ll be bringing you a few more unique Valentines.  Today it’s scratch off Valentines!

scratch off valentines free printable

These scratch off Valentines are super fun to make and to give!

To make them yourself you’ll need:

  • The scratch off Valentine template below
  • card stock paper
  • dish soap
  • metallic acrylic paint (silver, pink, or red)
  • clear contact paper
  • paint brush
  • scissors
  • large circle or heart punch

scratch off valentine free printable

1)  Start by clicking on the image above to download it and print it.  You’ll see a ton of download buttons on the webpage.
downloadClick on this download button and this one only!!It is small and below the photo.

2)  Cut apart each Valentine.

scratch off paint

3)  Next make the scratch off paint by mixing two parts of paint with one part dish soap. Don’t mix too much or you’ll get a bunch of bubbles.

scratch off paint

4)  Paint the shiny (non-sticky) side of your contact paper.  Let dry (about 1/2 hour) and paint one more layer.  Let dry completely.  Two layers should be good but if your paint is super light or your print is super dark, you may need three layers.

scratch off valentines

5)  Cut circles or hearts out of your painted contact paper large enough to cover the bottom words on the Valentines you printed.

6)  Gently peal off the backing of the contact paper and stick a painted circle or heart over each bottom word on the Valentines you printed.

You are done!

Attach a penny to each scratch off Valentine for a little more added fun.

What Valentines are your kids giving this year?


  1. So fun to make your own scratch off!!

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