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Mommy and Me Day

Last year I talked about the importance of one-on-one time with your children. In that post I talked about how Nutty and I never get time alone together so we had a special mommy and me day at the zoo for some bonding time. For that past few months, Nutty has been again feeling the affects of not spending time with me. She was complaining that I loved Tottie more because I do more things with her. In reality, I do more things with Tottie because Tottie is not yet in full-day school like Nutty is.

Mommy and Me Day

So…I spoke with Nutty’s teacher. We decided that it was ok for me to pull Nutty out of school for the afternoon for some one-on-one time while Tottie was in preschool. As un-luck would have it, things kept getting messed up with our plans and we kept having to postpone our afternoon together. Nutty thought for sure I just didn’t want to spend time with her.

Mommy and Me Day

Well, today things changed…I set up a play-date for Tottie with a friend and called Nutty’s teacher to let her know I would be pulling Nutty out of class this afternoon. At 12:30, I knocked on Nutty’s class room door and completely surprised her. She was SO excited! We headed to the Science Museum of Minnesota for some fun. After all, if I’m going to pull her out of school, I might as well make it educational. What I didn’t know is that Nutty was about to start science when I showed up. We just took her lesson with us to the museum and had fun with it!

Mommy and Me Day

It was a GREAT bonding day. We had a blast trying to pronounce the dinosaur names, looked at our cheek cells under a microscope, made a stop-motion movie, saw a real human brain, magnified each other’s eyes, did cool things with magnets, and that’s just some of it. We ended our afternoon with smoothies and a good chat about what’s going on in her life.

mommy and me day

Again, I think I needed this day just as much as she did. I’m going to make a special Nutty and Mommy day an annual thing. I wish I could make it more often but time (I work every weekend and Nutty has school during the week) and Tottie get in the way. This summer I’m really going to focus more time on Nutty so that she knows I love her just as much as her sister.

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