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DIY Mini Tea Party For Fairies–Pinned it, Did it!

Yesterday we had a fairy tea party for human girls. Today we bring you a tea party for fairies themselves!

I’ve seen these fairy tea sets all over the web.  I especially liked this one on Pinterest.  After looking at the tea sets, however,  I decided rather than paying for them, I could make them myself!!

Fairy tea party

Tottie and I went on over to our neighbor’s house and hunted for the perfect acorns along with some flowers, leaves, bark, and tiny twigs…

fairy tea party

This pretty much where her participation ended because I had to get out the glue gun for the rest…  She had fun collecting the things we needed though and had even more fun watching the tea party come together!

fairy tea party

An acorn turned upside down with an acorn cap glued to the top along with a twig spout and handle made the perfect tea pot.  A plain acorn without a cap made the perfect sugar bowl (or cream bowl).

fairy tea party


Acorn caps with small twig handles make for perfect cups while we used flowers for saucers…

fairy tea party

A bark table with a large leaf table cloth along with rock chairs and flower decorations completed our fairy tea party.

We left it on our porch for a few days in hopes that some fairies might visit.  We think they may have come one night as the chairs were moved along with one of the cups!

What do you think?  Would your children make a fairy tea party?

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