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Disney Countdown Ring

Now I am not taking credit for creating this…although I tried to make my own…after a few hours I tossed in my hat and called it a day.  I emailed the creator of this awesome paper ring countdown and I never heard back about it but since it was all over the internet I figured it was fair game. Either way, I’m happy to share it with you!

Print each sheet on thick card stock paper at your local copy store (or at home if you want to spend the money on the ink). Cut them out and begin tearing off a ring each day (there are 128 days in this ring counter) and have fun! See if you can name each character or the movie…I bet you can’t!

Disney Countdonw Chain 1.13(1) 9 Disney Countdown, Disney countdown ring Disney Countdonw Chain 1.13(1) 3 Disney Countdonw Chain 1.13(1) 4 Disney Countdonw Chain 1.13(1) 5 Disney Countdonw Chain 1.13(1) 6 Disney Countdonw Chain 1.13(1) 7 Disney Countdonw Chain 1.13(1) 8


  1. Love Love Love this chain and all the characters…where can I get the link to download this properly?

  2. How can I print these? Is there a link?

  3. Darlene McDonald says

    We always start our countdown at 200 Mark that way we get excited about where we will book to eat at 180 days… lol wish this was a bit longer.


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