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A Fill-In-The-Blank Leprechaun Story FREE Printable

Valentine's Day is just days away so that means, in my world, it's time to start thinking about St. Patrick's Day! I've got a lot of Irish blood in me so I take St. Patrick's Day very seriously. This year I'm starting off my girls' celebration with a fun fill-in-the-blank leprechaun story. I wrote the story then had my girls fill in the blanks. Both did it, and both thought their story was pretty funny. They thought it was neat how each girl had a different story even though it was the same. If a child does this story by themselves, first give them the fill-in-the-blank sheet, then have them transfer their answers into the story. If you are doing this for a party or the classroom, read the fill-in-the-blank sheet out loud and have the children write their answers in the story. This printable is great for St. Patrick's Day parties as well as school classrooms! To download the printable for yourself just click on the photos below.  Make sure to click on THIS BUTTON and … [Read more...]

Pintrest Inspired St. Patty’s Day Crafts

Because Jamie and I are busy taking care of our daughters this week (post surgeries) we are bringing you a week of fun Pintrest inspirations. 1. Shhhhh, don't tell but that's the shirt I made for my princess last year. She loves that festive shirt so much I thought I'd "re-share" it with you. Here's a link to the original post. 2.  What an incredibly cute St. Patrick's Day craft that will also double as a little writing exercise for the kids. You only need a few items and this craft is complete. Stop by Classroom DIY to see the instructions. 3. Yup, another festive shirt. I'm partial to mine but this one had me debating which one I liked best. Just another EASY and fun way to make a St. Patty's Day shirt. 4. Making a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end of it is exactly what I think of when I think of St. Patrick's Day crafts. Here Come The Girls Blog shares with you how they did it and what they learned. 5. Liluna shared step by step instructions for making this … [Read more...]

Pintrest Inspiration- St. Patty’s Day Tasty Treats

Because Jamie and I are busy taking care of our daughters this week (post surgeries) we are bringing you a week of fun Pintrest inspirations. 1. How did we not think of this idea?!?! Shamrock green pepper snacks from Glorious Mischief . Hello, where have we been? 2. These Irish inspired hats have all the things necessary for eating...marshmallows, cookies and chocolate. Stop by The Cake Blog for instructions. 3. Green pancakes for breakfast! Yup! I'm adding this one to my list indeed. Thoughtfully Simple came up with this one. I've done the pink heart shaped pancakes for Valentines but this one is awesome.   4.  You know how I feel about fun lunches if you have been reading our blog for more than a day. This one "takes the cake!" I think I am adding GlorysMischief to my "to read" list. 5. Um, yum....need I say more? Easy to make and it looks so incredibly good! My kids will devourer this for sure! Thanks for sharing this This Mama Loves. 6. Ok, now I have to bust out … [Read more...]

Pintrest Inspired St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Because Jamie and I are busy taking care of our daughters this week (post surgeries) we are bringing you a week of fun Pintrest inspirations. Make, Take, Teach created this awesome gif file for her readers. "To play this game, you’ll need a board for every two players.  Each player will need about 10 colored chips of the same color (each partner must have a different colored chip).   So, if we were playing, I may have 10 red chips and you may have 10 blue chips.  Players take turns reading a word and placing their colored chip on the word.  Players try to be the first to get 4 chips in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagnoally while at the same time blocking their opponent." JDaniel4'sMom shared these awesome crystal'd shamrocks that she made with her son. Didn't they turn out awesome? Momma'sFun World showed her readers how to make a great science experiment with kool-aid and water....and you'd be surprised with the … [Read more...]

Make Rainbows on Your Walls

Technically it's still winter. The first official day of spring isn't until tomorrow. With the unseasonably warm weather we've been having in Minnesota over the past week however (80s in March!!), it's been feeling down right summerish! This has made me and the girls want to do things to get rid of those winter blues...so...in honor of St. Patrick's Day and to get us in the mood for spring and Easter in a few weeks, we decided to make rainbows on our walls. Making rainbows is great way to cheer you up no matter what time of year it is. It can even be done on a rainy day! You'll need: A glass pan or jar A mirror that fits in the pan or jar Water A white wall or ceiling (or white paper to cover a colored wall/ceiling) 1)  Pour the water into your glassware.  The exact amount doesn't matter.  I filled ours up about half-way. 2)  Put your mirror in the water. 3)  Place it in a sunny spot. 4)  Play with tilting the mirror until you see rainbows form on the … [Read more...]

Leprechaun or Shamrock Shake

There are plenty of Leprechaun or Shamrock Shake recipes out there at this time of year.  We thought we'd share our version.  From what I can tell, it IS a little different than the majority we've seen! Ok, so it may look a bit weird in the photo above but we guarantee it tastes yummy! Here's what you'll need to make your own: Vanilla ice cream Milk Mint cookies Green food coloring A blender I have to admit, I don't measure stuff when I make milk-shakes.  I simply add ingredients until it looks and tastes good. 1)  Add ice cream to your blender cup.  A few large scoops will do. 2)  Crumble a bunch of mint cookies into the blender cup. 3)  Add milk to about half way up the ice cream. 4)  Top with a bunch of drops of green food coloring. 5)  Blend until smooth. 6)  Enjoy your minty Leprechaun shake! How do you make your Leprechaun or Shamrock Shake?   … [Read more...]