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Alphabet cards

Some of you may remember my post about my aunt being creative and thoughtful. She made my three older kiddos these great song flash cards! Since my youngest is only 18months she knew that those song cards wouldn’t really “work for him. She made him a set of alphabet flash cards! Such a fun and creative idea! All you need is: a ring, paper and a little creativity.

alphabet flash cards

Here are some suggestions for letters so that you don’t have to do much work:
A- apple, aardvark, armadillo, astronaut
B- banana, bell, blue, bear
C- cat, caterpillar, crayon, coin
D- dinosaur, dog, dart, dove
E- elephant, ear, eye, earth
F- frog, frown, fairy, feather
G- green, grapes, grass, gopher
H- horse, happy, Halloween,
I- igloo, ice cream, iguana
J- jelly bean, jellyfish, jigsaw, jacks, jacket
K- kite, kitten, key, kangaroo, king
L- lion, lemon, lizard, leaf
M- monkey, medal, mirror, moon
N- needle, nail, notebook, nest
O- octopus, otter, orange, olive
P- panda, penguin, pink, purple, pan
Q- quilt, queen, quail, question, quack
R- robot, red, raccoon, rabbit, rainbow, rain
S- stop, silver, squirrel, slide, ship, seahorse
T- turtle, truck, tiger, tree, table, two
U- unicorn, umbrella, underwear, unicycle
V- violin, violet, vacuum, vest, volcano
W- walrus, wagon, whistle, window, watch
X- xylophone, xray
Y- yarn, yellow, yak, yo yo
Z- zoo, zebra, zipper, zucchini

If you want to learn colors and counting, check out our color/counting photo books that we made!

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