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The Journey To Find Myself

I'm tired. I'm tired of my lack of motivation, I'm tired of being crabby, I'm tired of my clothes getting tighter. I'm just tired. I know what I need to do and there is NO MORE EXCUSES. No more "I'll start tomorrow," no more "but...". No more. This afternoon I start my path to feeling better. This afternoon I pick myself up, I get off the couch and go for a walk, eat fruit instead of a brownie, go get the Fitbit I bought off of Craigslist, log the food I ate in My Fitness Pal. This afternoon it begins... This is me. All 163 lbs, size 12 is getting tight, me. I'm putting this photo out there as motivation. Motivation to gain back the person I used to be. Not the 125 lb, size 6 person I was when I got married (and before kids). The happy-go-lucky, always up for doing something, me. The person who hated sitting at home on the couch alone. The person who wanted to throw parties like her mom did for friends. The person who didn't yell at her kids because she was lazy. The person I … [Read more...]